ManifestationHow To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others - A Complete Guide

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – A Complete Guide

Confidence plays a major role in your self-image, performance, and personality. However, a lack of confidence can usurp your presence in front of others and yourself.  When you see anyone with a tall order in command, you go awry and shun yourself for moving forward. You unknowingly and more often, unfairly, compare yourself to them and feel lesser than them. 

Remember These 9 Things And Make It Yours

Stop comparing yourself with others by not looking for what they have or who they are. Instead, look within to find who you are and what you are capable of doing. Writing a journal, exploring your true traits while traveling, or opting to learn a new activity can make you more aware of your own self. You will not just find your good traits but also your weaknesses. 

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

The role of knowing your weaknesses in your overall development

Acknowledging your weakness helps you validate your true self. It lessens the intensity with which you deprecate yourself. You will feel a lot lesser judgmental and more accepting of yourself if you validate your weaknesses. Maybe you are slow at grasping instructions or are not happy with your looks.

Rationalize why you compare yourself with others.

Weak traits don’t immediately make you lesser than others. Doubting yourself and thwarting your talents may make you look at others in awe.  It may lead to jealousy, envy and may keep decreasing your self-confidence. If you haven’t gone ahead with a challenge like performing a certain task, how will you know where you need to work and where you were good?

Try challenging your capabilities to prove yourself

Instead of worrying about others, make n effort to prove to yourself, who you are. Your capacity needs an outlet. Arts, sports, and routine responsibilities are all some things that can get you going. Maintain a journal to note your progress, motivation, supposed flaws, fears, and whom you want to be like.

Avoiding being like someone whom you admire

Others have their motivations and set of weaknesses that you might not focus on. Wake up to your calling and give yourself a chance to set foot in the actual world. What could go worse? All will laugh, not trust you, or, for a change, feel proud of your bravery?

Start working from the inside out or vice-versa

A refreshed start to your day with a perfect bath and basic grooming followed as a routine can greatly enhance your self-image. You’ll be okay with leaving home in whatever you are wearing. Good clothes also maketh a man. Wear stretchable clothes if you feel suffocated or uncomfortable in tight clothes. 

Truly notice what others have to face in their lives

Not only have you, those whom you look up to also had pitfalls and perhaps their idols whom they might secretly envy. Even traumas are not something that you alone might have faced. They are good at moving forward despite those with gumption or pure instincts. However, that’s not what you should think about as your journey will guide you through.

Compare to know your progress from where you’ve begun

No man does anything at all. Everyone does something and they keep getting better at those things. Even breathing deeper and stronger than yesterday makes you richer both in looks and emotionally. Do not take your day’s effort lightly and search for what you want to be doing.

Question yourself to know what you truly value

Keep a track of your reaction to people to see why you either liked or not really like them. This can help you your true likes beyond reason and judgment. Take what you like doing and ask yourself, “Why do I like it?” Let it stay on your mind for it to make sense and help you check your progress as days go by.

Be willing to go after your true likes and snip away what’s superficial 

When you doubt what you like, you immediately stunt your own growth. Don’t wait for validation or approval from others and go ahead with it even if it might be a waste of time or effort for someone else. It is your true liking and you must allow it to shape your self-image and in the longer run, your destiny. Go after making a YouTube channel if that’s what you like and don’t let fear of being watched stop you.

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