Manifestation7 Reasons Why Laws Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

7 Reasons Why Laws Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

Have you ever envied the success stories of others, given a sigh, and wished if you could be a part of such a story? Then don’t just wish; close your eyes, see yourself on the top of the world and enjoy the magic! Let your mind speak over your heart. Your actions will surely follow.


Why Laws Of Attraction Is Not Working – “Dive Into Deep”

To put it simply, it is like good outcomes are a result of good thoughts. It is applicable to anyone who nurtures good and rejuvenating opinions and tries to work on them.  These are the Laws of Attraction (there are basically seven), that being called a pseudoscience, is in fact a mystery unresolved.  Although this idea of like attracts like lacks scientific proof, it dates back to the ancient times of Buddha.

7 Reasons Why Laws Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

His preaching teaches about the manifestations of the mind, that you become what you believe you can become. It even finds its place in Christianity. In modern times, we come across the likes of Karma- what goes around, comes around! Even social media is crowded with so many videos on positivity and how one can attain such goals in life.

There are a great many people who have carved a niche for themselves in this world, have shared their notions on these laws and their powers. Renowned poets, scientists, and great thinkers like Shakespeare, Blake, Newton, and political figures like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, have all recalled their experiences. Well-known celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey even are included in the list.

How do the laws work then and why it doesn’t work for many?

>So the idea behind this Law of Positivity sounds quite simple. But there are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind. It is not that you ask for it and you get it. There are a few simple things that require to be followed: perfect picture, perseverance, and patience.

Most people want, but are not sure of what they want! The foremost thing you need is the proper alignment of things that will successfully lead you to your goal. Suppose you are focussing on something and you feel that it will work for you. But instead of harboring thoughts as to how you should proceed, your mind starts conjuring up a whole universe of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. You finally go astray from the route that leads you in the wrong direction!

The negative voices slowly begin to push you to question yourself that what if you fail? And once this process starts, it begins to roll down. You will be forced to think that you are actually not fit for the job and give up! So the negative vibes have led you to failure even before you have tried it once!  So the first thing that we should learn is to focus and focus clearly.

The next thing is the thrust that you give yourself. Self-motivations are very crucial to stay on the right path. If you think you cannot help yourself, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Motivations can come from around too. But see that they actually help you progress. Negative vibes can destroy the whole process.

Abstain from such a company that will push you in the opposite direction. This might make your mind quit in the middle. As the motivational speaker, Sri Gour Gopal Das says that it is easier to start than to maintain.

And this is where the word patience comes. To receive at the other end, one has to let the process happen slowly and gradually. It is like you order a parcel, you need to wait for it before it gets delivered to your doorstep! Do not lose your mind. You will lose track.

Many psychologists have produced immense negative opinions on the Laws of Attraction. They say that it manifests only perfect pictures that are too unreal for this world. The thought that one will achieve what he wants leads to mindlessness.

A person who actually wants to follow them should be devoid of any charitable nature; it can cause distractions. It is also said, that we should know how to invite positive vibes in our minds. It is an art that needs practice. If it is done in the wrong way, then instead of driving us forward the thoughts might destroy us.

Nevertheless, many authors have penned down several books that do tell you to follow your dreams. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books is one such.

So how do you want to portray your painting? A colorful and cheerful one, or a drab and dark satire? It is all up to you. You are your life’s own creator. Go and paint with all the beautiful colors, spread love, share smiles, work where and on what makes you happy, meditate, give that positive boost to your mind and you don’t need to turn back. Stop demoralizing yourself for nothing. Think you can and you always will.

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