Hasn’t the world of health become confusing? Promises, superfoods, diets, supplements, eating trends. Really sometimes it confuses me too! Being healthy and being fit has a lot more than just following whatever trends the world comes up with. I was always drawn towards anything that would do better for the body and mind. Don’t you want to have clarity and trust? I’m Liam Alexander and welcome to my blog! I take fitness seriously and I’m on a mission!

Liam Alexandar

I have always been the fit guy of my gang. Being fit, doing stuff that challenges me has been my passion from the day I can remember.  Well, it came to an end a few years back, I met with an accident and my doctor has restrained me from doing physical activities for a while. You can imagine being an active person how hard it is to stay at home all day doing nothing. That’s when I discovered my new passion. I started looking at various fitness blogs, product reviews, etc. since I have tried some products I started sharing my opinions on these blogs. Things took a turn from there. People started following me, asking me to do honest reviews. The motivation drove me to start my own blog and here I’m today. I love fitness more than words can express, I conduct fitness programs now and then but since I’m not physically fit I try and do my best to bring awareness to people mostly through my blog. So, guys, that’s my story, though it all started with an accident today I’m happy with what I do, the money I get from ads help me run this blog. I plan on growing my online family and spread awareness among the people.

For information on various fitness programs, ebooks, general health, self-help etc you can join me in my journey. I keep myself updated and chose the safe as well as the best for myself and you guys.