ManifestationHow Does 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work?

How Does 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work?

 Everyone in this world is it men or women wants to achieve their dream and takes on various practices for getting to the destination. Law of Attraction is one of the most sought out techniques there is. The 55*5 manifestation formula basically is that one should write down their dreams or their goals 55 times for 5 continuous days. This is done so that your dreams and your goals are imprinted in your brain and that you use all your energy in achieving the said goals. There are many pro`s and con`s of this and many think that this is a waste of time however many people have also achieved their targets by using this manifesting formula along with the law of attraction

How To Use The 55×5 Formula?

Set your Goal – Before venting out and writing something 55 times make sure you know what your goal is and why you are chasing it. Have a clear answer to this so that when you get stuck in the journey this reason will help you move on. Many people just start by looking at others’ goals, this will help you start but once stuck you won’t be able to move ahead.

How Does 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work

Dream in the Present – This is one of the most important steps, you should always address your dreams and goals in the present tense and not in the future tense. In this way, your brain is excited about it and you subconsciously work towards attaining it. When your brain is impressed by the idea that this is attainable then a hormone known as dopamine is released which helps us be happy and relaxed in carrying out our activities.

Don’t Stop till 5 days – A lot of people start penning down their goals on the first and second day, however by the third day they find these tedious tasks and time-consuming. This is where your affirmations come into the picture as you would know why you are doing this. Howsoever tough it might seem do not give up until you have penned down your goals for 5 days straight. All it would take is some ink, paper, and roughly 20 mins of your day.

The right time to write – You should set the right time to write your 55*5 formula and follow it for 5 days. The nest time does to so is right before bedtime or just after you have woken up so that the mind knows what to work on and you subconsciously work towards it. Once you set a time adhere to it and do not stray away from that time.

Keep it to yourself – Many times people blurt out their ideas on their journeys to other people. It might help some but not necessarily as many people would doubt you and question. And there would be such questions for which you won’t have an answer and this would, in turn, demotivate you and doubt yourself which is a grave concern. So always keep it to yourself until you have the results to show for it.

Be Old Fashioned – While writing your dreams 55 times make sure you pen it down on paper with a pen and not use laptops or mobile phones to write it down as it won’t have the same effect. Studies have shown that if you write down something on paper your mind remembers it better than what you wrote on laptops. This small change goes a long way in helping you achieve your dream.

Let it Go – Once you have completed the 5 days mark by writing your dreams daily on a piece of paper you`ll be tempted to think on it on the 6th day as well. However, let it go and don’t obsess over it as that won’t let you get there quickly. Your mind has been well trained in the last 5 days and it knows how to get to those dreams and will work towards them. Let go of your inhibitions.

It is to be noted that the above methods help one in achieving the target of 55*5 days manifesting techniques, however, one must stick to this for 5 days straight and not lose hope.

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