ManifestationWhat Is Conscious Manifestation - 8 Best Principles For Manifestation

What Is Conscious Manifestation – 8 Best Principles For Manifestation

Conscious manifestation can be described as the power of your thinking capability. Have you ever thought that while you are running late and that you will miss the bus and you eventually end up missing the bus? This phenomenon can be described as a conscious manifestation.

What Is Conscious Manifestation?

Manifestation doesn’t mean intention to materialize, it is something misaligned. Many people say if you think positive you will have positive results, whereas the simple meaning is if you think positive and work on it the goal will be positive.

What Is Conscious Manifestation
Following are the principles of conscious manifestation.
  • Have a Goal – Always have a goal or a vision before starting something. If the destination is not clear there is no point in driving around, but if you have a clear destination, you will carve out your way and reach there much efficiently. Once you have set a strong goal in your life your mind and body will subconsciously work towards attaining it.
  • Build a strong desire for your goal – Now if you know you want to get to Paris then you also know that the airplane would require fuel to get there. Similarly in life the same happens for our goals, we need the right amount of fuel to get to the destination. Once you have this fuel you`ll feel happier while achieving your target. This happiness is created by a hormone in our brain called as dopamine and it gets released for every small achievement.
  • Know your Why – Always have a clear intention as to why you are pursuing this goal. Once your Why gets cleared you will have the answer to your How, like How to get there. You need to be highly focused on achieving your goal, many people take up Yoga so as to keep their mind active and it is encouraged to go less on social media as our mind diverts to other things.
  • Have a strong Belief – Many a times people have a goal and a strong desire to obtain it but lack self confidence. One should have a strong believe in themselves. In medical field these are associated with Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin in your brain. These hormones affect a lot in decision making and self believe. 
  • Acceptance – One should believe in their goal and the journey of what they`ll have to go through and not just stay there since you have started the journey. When you believe that the path you choose is right and true then you`ll enjoy this journey. Don’t think about what if you fail, instead surrender yourself to this journey and accept it as part of your life
  • Be Aligned with your goals – Just believing and focusing on the goal wont help you achieve it. You need to align yourself with the goal. Consider the situation where you want to visit some country, for this you would need money, you working more and saving more for visiting the country is you being aligned to your goal. When you focus your energy onto the right place you`ll reach your goal much faster.
  • Comfort Zone – One should get out of their comfort zone if they are to achieve anything. When you leave your comfort zone many of the hormones in your body tend to react the opposite way which is why you subconsciously revert back to your original self even though you have a clear path. Getting out of the comfort zone is really tough but once you make that transition then the journey becomes much more smooth and quite easy.
  • Support oneself – Many a times you will find yourself all alone in this journey and it becomes really hard to carry on. The feeling of left alone or forgotten makes us stray from our path and lose hope. But you should be the biggest cheerleader of your life and support yourself. Give a pat on your back when things start to look tough or look at how far you have come on this journey and reflect upon your WHY, this will give you a motivation to go further ahead and keep on continuing the journey.

The main thing if the conscious manifestation is taking the first decision to change and thinking you too can achieve this.

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