Brain HealthWhy Is Omega 3 Essential For Brain Health? Benefits Of Omega-3!

Why Is Omega 3 Essential For Brain Health? Benefits Of Omega-3!

If you are thinking about improving your brain health, you have landed at the right place. Many nutritionists suggest salmon and oily fish for enhancing your thinking skills. You may find a lot of sources talking about Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and their brain-boosting power.

Why Is Omega 3 Essential For Brain Health?

Now it is time to think about Omega-3 and its benefits in improving memory and thinking skills. What should you eat if you want to improve your thinking skills and brain health? In case if you are not a fish lover, then what other sources you have? There are many sources of this element, but all may not be useful for one. Hence it is better to know this element in-depth and decide a food which can help you get a healthy brain with some changes in your daily diet.

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About Omega-3s

For the smooth functioning of the brain, some primary elements are required to be there in the body, among which one is Omega-3 fatty acid. Though it is called acid, indeed, it is fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are nothing but polyunsaturated fats, and they are found in many foods. These fatty acids are essential for both body and mind health in humans. There are three major types of polyunsaturated fats.

Three types of acids

The first type is DHA or docosahexaenoic acid and EPA or Eicosapentaenoic. These are found in most of the oily fishes like salmon and mackerel.

Another one is ALA or Alpha-linolenic acid. This acid is mostly found in most of the green vegetables like spinach, kale, and even in Brussels sprouts. They are also found in vegetable oil like soybean and canola oil. You can find this acid even in seeds like flaxseeds, nuts like walnuts, and even pumpkin seeds. ALA is converted into either DHA or EPA inside our body, but the only thing is just a small portion of the acid gets converted inside the body.

What Omega-3 does inside our body?

There are plenty of jobs done by Omega-3 acids. It plays a significant role in building cell membranes all over the body and even in the brain. The Parkinson’s Protocol review proves that Omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in acting as anti-inflammatory agents. Hence they are necessary for promoting healthier brain cells and lead to lesser deterioration of the brain.


Sources of Omega-3 fatty acid

The most important question is, can Omega-3 boost a healthier brain?

Yes, there are many pieces of evidence for the same, and studies have shown that Omega-3 plays a significant role in preventing cognitive decline. But, the most important thing is, it is highly effective when it comes to the food you eat. Studies have shown that older adults who included at least seafood in their diet every week performed better in thinking skills.

They were far better when compared to people who never included seafood in their diet. People who have Alzheimer’s disease risk appeared to have benefited from diets rich in Omega-3 fats. Even though the reports never said that eating fish resulted in maintaining better-thinking skills, evidence was concrete.


What about omega-3 supplements?

There is no proper evidence about boosted thinking skills from fish oil supplements. Studies had proved that when there were two groups’ one consuming fish oil supplements, and others didn’t, both showed similar thinking skills. Their thinking skills decreased overtime even after consuming fish oil supplements.


What should you do?

t is better to include fish as a part of a balanced diet to get most of its benefits. The majority of the nutritionists and experts are not impressed by the fish oil supplements for boosting rain power. When fish is consumed as a source of omega-3, it has lowered risks associated with cardiovascular disease. The reason behind this was omega-3 found in fish helped to maintain a steady heartbeat, and it even prevents blood clots.


Final Verdict

ence, instead of relying on omega-3 supplements, it is better to consume fish as part of your dietary patterns. Omega-3 fatty acids found in natural sources like nuts, seeds, and oily fish can boost brain health and, apart from improving overall well-being. From the health viewpoint of the brain, this element must be taken in enough amount regularly.


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