HealthWhat Is Flank Pain? Causes, Symptoms, And Diagnosis

What Is Flank Pain? Causes, Symptoms, And Diagnosis

Discomfort or pain around the abdomen can be due to numerous reasons. When you go through irritable pain somewhere below the ribcage but above the pelvis, you need to be careful because it might be due to an underlying disease that might or might not be dangerous. Any pain in the upper abdomen, sides, or back part of your body may be the Flank pain that worsens usually when it is on the sides.

Flank pain usually does not have a specified symptom but most commonly due to urinary system problems. The pain might bring you a short term discomfort and most men and women go through this pain at least once in their lifetime.

Recurring or severe flank pain might force you through a urinary tract infection or body being dehydrated. If you are having kidney stones, then that might indicate you through flank pain.

Flank Pain- Causes, Symptoms, And Diagnosis

Flank pain usually occurs when there are any kidney-related problems that you face although it wouldn’t be the case. If you go through continuous pain that does not end, then it would be better to meet a specialist before things get worse.

What Is Flank Pain

Flank pain can be caused due to several reasons. Some common causes include kidney infections, kidney stones, dehydration, spinal arthritis, disc disease, spinal fracture, muscle problems, bladder infection, or any other viral infections.

Other uncommon diseases causing flank pain include kidney disease, pancreatitis, appendicitis, urinary tract problems, bowel inflammation, and pneumonia.

Symptoms that you need to be cautious about when there is flank pain include fever, diarrhea, urine tinged blood, pain, or burning sensation while urination, constipation, vomiting, nausea, rash, or dizziness. Along with flank pain, if you go through any of the above symptoms, then you need to be extra careful.

You must be alarmed when there is blood in your urine. You should get checked quickly as there are several reasons for urine to be red. You might feel a burning sensation while urinating as well and this might be a signal that your kidney is trying to show you of an underlying condition. Sometimes the pain might be due to kidney stones or other causes. It would be ideal to drink lots of water and that will help your body gain momentum.

Treating the Flank Pain

Treating the Flank Pain

At the doctor’s place, you will be asked about the exact location of the pain and when it began. They might ask you numerous questions regarding the feel of the pain, does it feel like pricking or a consistent pain that stays.

They might also be asking about other symptoms and the duration of the pain since it first appeared. You will be asked to do blood tests and tests like X rays and ultrasounds. This will give your doctor more chances to try out and see what lies deep.

So finding out problems relating to the muscles, organs, and body tissues will be easier.  Sometimes an iodine dye might be injected into your veins so that the imaging quality improves. This does not cause any health harm that you need to be worried about. Other tests like CT scan for the abdomen, cystoscopy, urinalysis, and urine culture might be recommended.


Solving the Flank Pain

The best way to solve your flank pain is by taking enough rest. Sometimes the doctor might suggest you for one or two physiotherapy sessions. You could choose anti-inflammatory medications as well.


Preventing the Flank Pain

Drinking enough water will solve your flank pain up to an extent. You must find some time to drink 8 glasses of water each day and things will be in a steady flow. If you are ready to sacrifice the amount of alcohol you consume, then you could lower some of your flank pain on either side.

Preventing the Flank Pain

Practicing safe sex and hygiene will also solve your flank pain. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins will solve the flank pain mystery. It would be always a good thing if you could practice regular workouts and stay fit.

Sometimes you will go through pain from the muscle area and for bettering the situation use ice or get some heat. You could have a hot shower or hot bath so that your muscles will feel better and pain and swelling would reduce. If things are not improving, then you should choose the medications that are recommended by your doctor



To solve the intensity of your flank pain, you could follow medications that would bring down the pain. You can also choose antibiotics to solve this problem.

Medications for solving the symptoms and allergies can also be used by following specific medications. You can also opt for vitamins and herbs and medicines that are natural. It would be better to know the right cause so that you will be able to solve your problem through proper medications and rest.

When a patient is admitted with flank pain, it would be necessary to know about his treatment history in the past. This will help identify the root cause by digging deep into the cause, identifying what the actual reason is, possibly through several tests.

All flank pains are not problematic but it is not a risk-free issue as well. Our body will start signaling that something is wrong and we must identify what the problem is and how to effectively eliminate the problems.

If you could find out a home remedy through proper rest and taking a hot shower, you might have a chance to solve it. If the pain aggravates your condition, it will be better to consult a doctor at the earliest and find a solution to your problem


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