Health NewsTrump's Tulsa Rally Likely Contributed To COVID Spike Says LHO

Trump’s Tulsa Rally Likely Contributed To COVID Spike Says LHO

The corona pandemic has hit the world to a great extent. The country, such as the USA, also has to face many challenges to overcome this situation, which can be observed by various factors in the country recently. After the lockdown of several services, the spread was under little control, but recently there has been a surge in the cases of corona infected people, which has made the authorities worried again and made them think about new options. According to top local health officials, the recent protests towards Black Lives Matter and Trump’s campaign rally triggered the surge in coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and Tulsa. Recently Tulsa declared a record spike in COVID cases, and health department officials attributed this spike to large gatherings in the last few weeks.

Local Health Officials Say Protests, Trump’s Tulsa Rally Likely Contributed To COVID Spike

The county, which was otherwise normal, recorded 261 new cases on Monday. On Tuesday, 206 cases were recorded in the Tulsa region. The rally was held on the 20th of June, and over 6000 people attended the rally. Along with that, several protestors also took to the street against racism that led to a further spike in cases. This has to lead to the spread of infection among people to a large extent.

Trump's Tulsa Rally Likely Contributed To COVID Spike Says LHO

However, Tim Murtaugh, who is the communications director for Trump’s election campaigns, said that the media was showcasing the rally in a bad light and attributing the spike in cases to such events, which is not completely true. He went on to say that the President’s rally was attended by people who were given masks, and everyone had their temperatures checked before attending the event.

The people who attended the rally, however, did not wear masks even though they were provided with masks by the organizers. It is interesting to note that even Trump is not recommending the usage of masks in public places. He is yet to be seen in any public event with a mask. Most of his followers are doing the same, and they are not wearing masks. The argument is that wearing masks is just a recommendation by the CDC, and it is not mandatory to wear masks in public places.

Several authorities, though, support the rally believe that it should have been postponed considering the growing number of cases across the country. They said that they are willing to welcome Trump’s visit on another occasion and not during a pandemic. It is increasingly difficult to protect the common public in large gatherings, especially during indoor events.

During the rally, a reporter who was covering the event tested positive later, and this sent alarm bells around the county.

Trump campaign official Kimberly Guilfoyle who was present at the Tulsa rally, also tested positive along with former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Following these chain of events, people around the President are regularly checked for the infection, and proper care is taken around the White House campus.

It is interesting to note that several political leaders across the world have also been infected, and this goes on to show that no amount of precaution can control the virus completely. Britain’s Prime Minister was infected, and he had to take treatment for nearly a week to get back to normal life. Recently, the President of Brazil has tested positive for coronavirus, and this has sent shock waves across the world about the rapid spread of this pandemic.

The spike in the number of cases can also be attributed to the holiday season and the lack of awareness among the general public about social distancing norms. Many people gathered in large numbers at beaches and other tourist destinations to celebrate Independence Day. The authorities themselves are in a fix over this situation as the Trump administration is not in favor of imposing strict social distancing norms.

The White House organized a grand show of fireworks to mark the Independence Day celebrations, and thousands of people gathered to watch the show. Elsewhere around the country, people made the most of these holidays by going out on vacations and hanging out at public places in large numbers. Most of them were seen without masks, and social distancing went for a toss on most occasions.

The younger generation is neglecting the seriousness of the pandemic and taking it for granted. Even though they may not suffer directly with the virus, there is a huge risk of them becoming carriers of this virus. They can spread the virus to their own family members and neighbors. This has happened in many cases, and most of them were not even aware that they were infected until they got tested. It is important to note that most youngsters are not showing any symptoms that raise alarm bells, and this increases the risk by a huge margin.

The Trump administration is not slowing down on the campaign and willing to take risks during this pandemic. This is not a positive sign as large gatherings can lead to more hot spots in the future, and it can become extremely difficult for the health authorities to manage the situation in the future.

Dr. Fauci had recently talked about the number of cases reaching 100000 daily. Right now, the number of cases has already crossed the 60000 mark per day, and Fauci’s prediction is likely to come true within the next few weeks.

The riots and protests after police brutality on the black community also added fuel to this pandemic. Millions of people protested across the country, and social distancing was next to impossible during that situation. In this situation, the chances of the virus spreading in large numbers are very much possible, and this is reflecting in the number of cases. The government needs to understand that till a suitable vaccine is ready, social distancing norms need to be implemented seriously across the country. Only then the authorities will be able to bring down the number of cases. The general public also needs to understand this situation and take its own precautions to curb the spread of the virus.


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