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5 Tips To Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords

When we are the seller of a particular product, we would obviously want people to consume our product more than our competitors, which will grow our business and we will also earn a profit, business is different when we sell our product in a showroom at a particular place and when we sell our product online.

Tips To Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords

There are various things to look into while you sell your product online, how will customer search for your product specifically, how will your website come in the top page of the search, etc.

Where do you use long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are the words that are used before and after the specific keyword to specify the intent of the search or to look for a more specific product. When a consumer uses long tail keywords that suggest that he or she knows what exactly they want and the chances of them buying the product is more than people searching without long tail keywords, so basically as a company who is trying to sell products online, you need to focus and find those words which the customers will search more and so that your website comes top of the list on the page, it needs to be related to your product and you must also see the amount of competition that word carries.

Profitable Long Tail Keywords

The working of a long tail keyword

In a world where every single business is dependant on the search engine optimization, it is crucial to know exactly what purpose you are full-filling for your customer. Many times customers will not search for a T-shirt, they will search for a “Black formal T-shirt”. Here it is important to know exactly what will be the words that the customer will search for. The better the words in your website match the customer’s search, the higher are the options that your website will pop up to them as well.

How to write a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords specifically describe the item and its features. When a customer is looking for something extremely specific, he will use a long tail keyword. Any website that contains this long tail keyword will be shown to him. Here are a few general tips:

  • Think about how a product can be searched for in many different ways: Long tail keywords can be extremely helpful for businesses that are selling special and particular categories of products. For every product, the website can add a long tail keyword hat the customer will go for when searching online. This increases the overall exposure of one single word for different kinds of SEO searches that take place. When the exposure of one item increases, the websites overall eye visibility will naturally increase. This will cause the website to be listed on the top.
  • Think like the customer: One of the most logical ways to find a long tail keyword is to think of all the words that the customer will use when buying your product. All sorts of products with their specific features should be mentioned in it.

How to write a long tail keyword

  • Take inspiration from your competitors: Another way of finding long tail keywords is to observe other similar websites and see what long tail keywords they are using. Taking a competitive website and tracking down exactly what long tail keywords are being used by them, can help your website grow as well. The views that your competitor website is getting will be distributed to you as well.
  • Use google keyword planner: There is another googles keyword planner that is used for finding such long tail keywords that can be beneficial for your website. This tool also helps you to forecast the kind of traffic you will receive when you use that particular keyword. It will also show how many times the keyword you are using is searched for. This helps in knowing which keyword has a bigger search volume and which has a smaller one. The one with the bigger volume will obviously give your website more traffic comparatively.
  • Look for apps that show you traffic details: There are many other online tools with various features as well about different keywords that can be used. Such websites help in understanding how complex your long tail keyword is or how easy it can be. This is way, an individual can decide which keyword to use and which do not use. They have featured like how many times this word is searched in a single month, how many competitors are there for this word, etc. These kinds of tools can help you find long tail keywords which are good for your own website. It can highly increase the amount of traffic your website is receiving.


Long tail keywords are useful shortcuts for websites that can be used for increasing their visibility. A good collection of long tail keywords can make the website more successful.


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