COVID-19Surgical or Home-Made:Which Mask To Wear To Prevent Covid-19?

Surgical or Home-Made:Which Mask To Wear To Prevent Covid-19?

In today’s contemporary world, we are at the brink of massive extinction. The world is taken aback by a magnanimous phantom which is nothing but the Covid-19. Had no hint about the impending crisis that would put the entire world to suffocation, we people have been quite occupied with our regular chores. Suddenly we have been hit by this humongous contagion, Covid-19.
Having not stuck to any rules and regulations so far, now we have been bound with an endless list of rules and regulations under the tag “precautions”. Isn’t this Covid-19 touching our nerve?


Which Mask To Wear To Prevent Covid-19?

most eminent precautionary step being carved into our minds right now is to wear a mask to prevent getting contaminated with Covid-19. Like greased lightning, instantly people packed like Sardines to grab all the procurable masks for their own sake. But pause now. Do you have any idea which masks to wear to prevent Covid-19?

classify the masks widely into categories namely surgical masks and home-made masks.Currently, we can


Surgical mask:

ical masks also known as procedure masks are those that are being worn by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures and by sanitation workers. The fundamental motive of wearing those surgical masks was to impede and shield the wearer from bacterial contagions and other large contagions.

Those surgical masks are primarily manufactured using non-woven fabrics made from plastics such as polypropylene, by melt blowing process. In addition to this surgical masks are also made out of cotton or paper. These surgical masks are meant to safeguard the wearer from germs, liquid droplets, or aerosols but not from dust or viruses which are much smaller than germs.

To fortify from dust and viruses, there are certain other masks namely respirators such as N-95 masks, that form a barrier between the wearer and the environment and filters the harmful air suspended virus and dust particles.

Home-made mask:

-made masks are likely made out of clothes of any material. Those home-made masks are stitched with two rubber bands at the end thus making it stay in place. Just a piece of cloth is cut into square and stitched with rubber bands at the corner.

There is no specific importance to home-made masks earlier. As today’s world is beheld by Covid-19 and shortage of masks haul around the world, home-made masks have come into usage.

Which one to choose? Surgical or home-made?

knowing which one to wear it is mandatory to know why we should wear and how does it work. In the ongoing scenario, the mask is advised to wear to prevent getting contaminated with Coronavirus. Any virus is quite minute when compared to bacteria and other germs. Both surgical and home-made masks are manufactured in such a way that shields from bacteria and other larger particles. But still, we are advised to use those masks, why?

Though these masks don’t infiltrate viruses, using it can reduce the efficiency of transmission. Let me explain in detail. The escalation of Covid-19 happens when there is a spread of the virus from the contaminated or infected person to a healthy person who becomes a victim now.

It’s requisite to rupture this chain of transmission. The most probable way of transmission is the liquid droplets expelled by the infected person which later on may seek admission into the healthy body. This can be avoided by covering the nose and mouth of both the infected and the healthy person.

That’s why we are asked to wear masks. By wearing masks, we can avoid the spillage of the liquid aerosols of the virus from the infected person. On the other hand, a healthy person stays away from direct contact with contaminated aerosols.

When coming to the discussion of choosing between surgical or home-made masks, it is always better to choose home-made masks for commoners. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are subjecting their life to high risk just to save the commoner’s lives. They are the people who encounter the most crucial contaminated zone. So they are having a high demand for surgical masks. But commoners require masks only when they step out of their homes.

Though surgical masks are manufactured rapidly to meet the requirement, there is still a shortage surviving for the same among the health care community. In addition to this, if the commoners haul on purchasing all available surgical masks will lead to further demand which is very hectic to meet now. Being at home, common people like us can spare some time to make our home-made masks. This will be of great help to the health care community.

Both surgical and home-made masks have the same effect as they can’t infiltrate the viruses but can reduce the degree of contamination. So it’s is advisable for the common people to use home-made masks while healthcare workers can use surgical masks.


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