Child Learning Program OnlineReading Head Start Review: Does This PDF Help You To Build Reading...

Reading Head Start Review: Does This PDF Help You To Build Reading Habit In Your Child?

What is Reading Head Start?

rong>rt review. Over 66% of children in America drop out every year from school. Over hundreds and thousands face the unfortunate prospect of illiteracy, unemployment, and therefore a crime. Hundreds of children have reading disabilities or fail to grasp the education system’s methods of learning. All because of not learning to read properly. If you are a parent, you already know how monumental that task is.


Reading Head Start Review: Can This Program Improve The Learning Capability?

p>Sarah Shepard’s popular ‘Reading Head Start’ online program, designed to make reading easier for children aged 2-14, claims to have helped thousands of children overcome issues with reading. In this Reading Head Start review, we take a look at this program, its pros, and cons, and most importantly, whether this program is good for your child.

Reading Head Start review

Book Title Reading Head Start
Language English
Author Sarah Shepard
Category Child Learning Program Online
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About Reading Head Start Program

ing Head Start is a digital course that simplifies the process of learning to read among children. It demystifies words and makes it easier for children to learn and remember them. The course is broken down into 4 levels, each level comprising videos, workbooks, and fun exercises. Once you purchase the course, you get instant access to the course material which includes the Reading Head Start pdf as your quick start guide.

There is also an exclusive, members-only section where parents get access to a Reading Head Start member login. Once you log in, you enter a world of interesting exercises and games that helps your child practice reading. As parents, just 15 minutes a day for 3 days a week with your children, going through the Reading Head Start lessons will bring about a remarkable difference in the way your child reads. Let us discuss more in this Reading Head Start review.

Reading Head Start Book Creator

ing Head Start was created by an English teacher and mother to three children, Sarah Shepard. Sarah got the shock of her life when she discovered that one of her children was performing poorly in English, resulting in bad grades. After all, he was going to a good school and they were spending a lot on his education.

According to Sarah, that’s when it struck her that the education system’s conventional and outdated teaching methods were not helping him learn! She spent sleepless nights studying and researching to find out a better way to teach her child to read, which resulted in the origin of the Reading Head Start course.

How Does Reading Head Start PDF Help Your Child?

on this Reading Head Start review, what appealed to us is Sarah’s observation that our education system is seldom updated to accommodate different learning capacities of children. In most of the reviews, we could sense the desperation among parents with children going through difficulties in learning to read. Especially those with learning disabilities like Dyslexia or ADD.

Reading Head Start claims to address all these issues, customizing the process of learning so that a child can learn to read at his/her pace. With the free Reading Head Start lessons and workbooks that come with your subscription, your child can learn to read in his/her own way and have fun while doing so. It brings back the joy of reading in them.


Pros and Cons of Reading Head Start Program


  • Emphasizes the importance of reading: Reading is an important habit that builds your child’s future. Reading Head Start helps your children learn to read as early as two years old.
  • Enhances communication skills:  Reading is also the foundation stone for how your child communicates with the world. This course helps build his/her communication skills and the ability to express themselves.
  • Makes reading fun: With the imaginatively designed course material, your child will lose the fear of learning and discover how much fun it is.
  • Customized: Reading Head Start is customized to suit your child’s learning pace and ability to grasp new skills so that he/she does not feel pressured by it.
  • Designed by a teacher: Reading Head Start reviews prove this course is designed by a teacher who has worked with children of various age groups and therefore comes from a place of understanding them.
  • Rewards: The course keeps rewarding your child after completion of each level, with fun certificates. This helps build their confidence.


tal program: In order to make good use of this course, you need to be connected to the internet during the lessons. Especially the members-only area is only accessible when you are online.
  • Parental participation: While the course is designed for children, it also comes with a number of activities and workbooks that need your participation and supervision so that you know they are learning properly.
  • Unconventional: Since the course challenges the conventional methods of learning, as a parent, you have to be open-minded to accept new ways of teaching your kid to read.
  • Reading Hea

    Reading Head Start Price & Bonuses

    e beginning of this Reading Head Start review, we were sure this would turn out to be one expensive course. After all, it comes with a whole lot of course material and even bonuses, if you are lucky to purchase the program during one of its limited-period offers. As Sarah shares in her video on the website, the original sale price of the entire package works out to be around $497!

    But we couldn’t have been more surprised to discover that the Reading Head Start pdf along with the exclusive lifetime access to My Head Start members-only section, and the bonus material actually come at a super discounted price of $1 for the lucky 1000 people purchasing it from the website during the limited-period offer.

    The bonus material includes:

    • Incredible reading shortcuts: A series of activities and games to help children remember words.
    • Fun with words book series: Games and videos that make reading fun.

    In addition, there is also a Super Bonus where Sarah throws in a free private coaching session with her, all at the price of just $1 for the early-birds at the website. In case you are not satisfied, which Sarah doubts because she is so sure of the results of the course, there is also a 1-year money-back feature where you can get back a full refund even after a year.

    Does Reading

    Does Reading Head Start PDF Really Work?

    reviewing a product, the most important question in the reader’s mind is whether it actually works. Right at the outset of this Reading Head Start review, we promised you that we would address this question here too.

    In our research of the Reading Head Start program, what we found really interesting is how Sarah strips away the haze around a child’s learning process and gets down to basics. She goes back to the very beginning of the human learning experience when babies start learning by listening to sounds.

    Founding her course on that premise, Sarah moves away completely from a sight-based learning system to a sound-based one. We thought that was brilliant. Studies show that children get confused by the shapes of words and are therefore unable to remember them. Reading Head Start free download teaches a child to read by pronouncing the sounds of the words.

    Checking out the various Reading Head Start reviews we found parents had sent videos where their child’s face lit up with joy when he/she learned to read a word. If a course can do that for a child and spark the joy of learning in them instead of making it scary, then the course has definitely been successful.

    Reading Head Start

    Reading Head Start Reviews From Parents


    “I’ve been using Reading Head Start with my 3-year old daughter for two weeks now and we both love it. I think what I’ve liked most about the success we’ve had with your system is not only that my daughter is starting to become an incredible reader, it’s just how exciting reading has become for her and she lights up with every word she reads!”

    • Tyson Collins

    “I personally struggled with reading when I was a child and didn’t want my children growing up the same. That’s what led me to find Reading Head Start actually. I knew how hard first-hand learning to read can be and there was no way I’d attempt to teach my children on my own! Admitting this to you is a little embarrassing but I actually learned a bunch myself from your system!”

    • Lauren Sanders

    “This is without a doubt the best reading system out there. I know because I tried them all. What made your reading method different from everything else is how you helped me out just as you help out my child. My daughter Amy was starting to read three and four-letter words faster than I expected, and that’s all thanks to you for showing me how to teach her properly.”

    reading head start reviews from parents


    Learning to read is


    life. Gradually, one’s ability to read has a far greater impact on their life than is usually discussed. Just think about it. Our futures are impacted by the first word we learn to read correctly. Our success in our careers and relationships is determined by how well we can communicate, which all begins with our ability to read.

    During this Reading Head Start review, we went back to the days when as little kids, reading was such a nightmare. The world around us was talking so fast, reading big books and here we were trying to make sense of how to pronounce a word. Especially for those of us who were a little slow in catching up with the teaching methods in a class or had reading issues. We sure wished we had a course like Reading Head Start to guide us along the way!

    Your child’s learning begins the moment you click on the option to download the Reading Head Start program free. As we were working on this review, we kept seeing how the content of the videos in the members-only section is constantly updated. This makes sure that every time you log in, there are fresh new games and exercises for your children.

    Moreover, the 15 minutes that you spend with your child 3 days a week is such an incredible time to bond with your little one! Going through the 4 levels of the course together, and seeing their sense of accomplishment after completion of each level must be such a joy. The amazing thing that parents unfailingly mention in their Reading Head Start reviews, is how big a confidence-booster the course is to their children. When they discover they can utter the words in the videos and workbooks, it builds their sense of achievement like nothing else can.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    s Reading Head Start?

    Reading Head Start is a course designed to teach children how to read. It is an online course, which once you purchase, gives you the option to download the Reading Head Start pdf for free on your phone or computer along with a series of videos and exercises.

    Why should I buy Reading Head Start pdf?

    Why should I buy Reading Head Start pdf?

    hose children who are finding it difficult to learn to read at school, or don’t enjoy it. It simplifies the process of reading by making it fun and exciting through its imaginatively designed exercises and activities.

    Why Reading Head Start is different from other programs? Why Reading Head Start is different from other programs?

    premise of how babies learn by listening to the sounds of words. This way the process draws on the natural learning skills of human beings rather than force it on children. The course is also customized to allow children to learn wherever they are, at any point in time.

    Does the course really work?

    Does the course really work?

    art reviews shows pretty positive results. Thousands of parents around the country have sent their appreciation of how the course has helped their children. However, it is always a great idea to try the course and see. In this case, you can even try it for a year and get your money back if you are not satisfied.


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