UncategorizedHow To Practice Mindfulness? Simple Ways You Can Do In Daily Life!

How To Practice Mindfulness? Simple Ways You Can Do In Daily Life!

In this ever busy world where people are running behind their goals and ambitions, they often forget to give their bodies some rest. This leads to high stress and anxiety in many people which in turn leads to slower growth.

What Is Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness is a process in which one trains the mind to be aware of the things that are happening in the surroundings and to sense and feel them without being judgemental. This leads to a reduction in stress levels and anxiety in an individual.

 Mindfulness Practice

Many times people spend too much time planning, thinking about random stuff during the day, or thinking negative thoughts that can be highly draining. By practicing mindfulness, one can relax the brain and make function in the desired direction to achieve goals and milestones.

How to Practice Mindfulness

  • Wake up with a strong purpose – An ideal mind often is a weak mind and is not able to attain the things we seek. One should wake up with a strong purpose for the day. This could be done by waking up and just sitting on your chair or bed in a straight way so that your spine is not bent and taking long breaths. Take 3 – 5 long breaths and don’t think about anything. Once done, question yourself as to what are your goals for the day, how you can make a change, and what you can do differently from yesterday to obtain better results. Make the plan for the day before leaving this position.
  • A healthy breakfast – A healthy breakfast helps you go a long way in getting through your day. Before you begin eating you must first relax your body, we often jump from one task to another without having proper rest. If you are out of the shower sit on the table and breathe 2-4 times before having your breakfast. This prepares your body for the next task it is about to do. Always choose a nutritious breakfast as this will help you retain all the necessary elements needed for the body. Do not overeat, ask yourself how hungry you are, and eat accordingly. Do not eat your meal in a hurry, take your time to chew your food. Digestive problems are often caused as people eat hurriedly and don’t chew their food. This is mostly observed in the working class. After taking the first 2-3 bites, know your food and feel the taste and if you don’t enjoy your food, do not eat it. Make your meal as per your liking.
  • Reprogram your BrainThis is the hardest thing to do. Our brains work fast and the electrical signals traveling through our body are much faster than the responses we think. This is why in many cases if something fast comes at us and before we think, we jump out of the way because the electrical signals moving in our body are that fast. So, every time our brain looks for the easiest way to do stuff and prefers shortcuts and acts in subconscious mode. We should always analyze the situation and work accordingly. This will be a time-consuming process as the brain is inclined to follow the old footsteps much faster than adopting a new one.
  • Move your Muscles – Exercise is the best way in which one can practice mindfulness. Exercise not only helps your physical part of the body but also the mental part. After exercising, one’s mind is more open to the various things around him or her which makes mindful thinking much easier. It also opens up your pores which helps in thinking and relaxing your body in many ways.
  • Know when your mind is idle – Many times we spend hours just sitting and not doing anything. One should have a strong sense of his idleness and should be able to change this. One should also know when their mind is wandering to different things and should simply return their attention to the task that they were doing.



oints help in practicing mindfulness. However, it should be noted that the journey is not easy and takes a lot of time and patience to achieve this.


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