Neck FatIs It Possible To Lose Your Double Chin By Diet?

Is It Possible To Lose Your Double Chin By Diet?

Many people suffer from the common issue of fat deposits on their necks. It is irrespective of age and gender and makes us look a lot older than our actual age.

Is It Possible To Lose Your Double Chin By Diet?

It is known as submental fat or double chin in more popular terms. This condition raises a deposit of a layer of fat under the chin.

Is It Possible To Lose Your Double Chin By Diet?

What causes a fatty neck:

The popular belief is that this condition arises as a result of weight gain, but a person does not have to be in the obese category to gain a fat deposit on their neck.

The fatty neck can occur due to the genetic makeup of a person or loose skin due to aging in that area of the body.

As the skin around the neck loosens, the support from collagen and elastin is gone that helps in maintaining the contour of the neck.

Ways to get rid of fatty neck:

There are certain exercises that can help eliminate the fat from the neck. These are straight jaw jut; for this, we need to tilt back our head and look at the ceiling while pushing our jaw forward to feel a stretch.

The position should be held for a count of 10. Then the jaw can be relaxed to return to the neutral position.

Next is the ball exercise, in this one, a 9 or 10-inch ball is placed under the chin, and the chin is pressed down against the ball. The exercise should be repeated 25 times a day.

In the pucker-up exercise, the head should be tilted back, looking at the ceiling. The lips should be puckered to mimic as if one is kissing the ceiling.

This posture stretches the area under the chin, the position is then released and the chin is brought back to the neutral state.

In tongue stretch, one has to look straight ahead and stretch out the tongue a far as possible. The tongue should then be lifted in an attempt to touch the nose, the position should be held for 10 minutes and then released to return to the neutral state.

In the neck stretch exercise, the head should be tilted back for looking straight at the ceiling. Then the tongue should be pressed against the roof of our mouth. The position should be maintained for 5-10 seconds and then released to restore the normal position.

Bottom jaw jut is the final type of exercise that can help in the reduction of neck fat. In this exercise, the head is again tilted back to look at the ceiling. Next, the head is turned to the right, and the bottom jaw is pushed forward.

This position should be maintained for 5-10 seconds and repeat with the other jaw.

Contribution of diet in eliminating double chin:

Fatty necks caused by weight gain can be countered by a combination of exercise and a healthy diet as these facilitates weight loss and restores the original contouring of the neck.

Some healthy options to incorporate into our diet include four vegetable servings and three fruit servings every day.

Replacing the refined grains in our diets with whole grains and avoiding consumption of processed foods.

Consumption of lean protein like fish and poultry should be encouraged in place of fatty meats.

Olive oil, avocado, and nuts contain healthy fats, these should be abundantly included in our daily diets.

Fried foods and food high in sugar content should be strictly avoided. 

Low-fat dairy products should be consumed in place of full-fat ones, for example, toned milk is a good option that I low in fat content compared to regular full fat or full cream milk.

Eating a small portion of food throughout the day rather than eating a few heavy, high-calorie meals also helps in losing weight.

Finally, portion control should be followed to enhance our weight loss potential further.

Some tips to effectively practice portions include using smaller plates and bowls, using hands in place of serving spoon for serving food, and starting all meals after consuming a glass of water. 

Some other practices include not eating from the food containers directly, asking for portions while eating in the restaurant, and consuming the food slowly rather than eating quickly.

Eating a healthy diet and following a routine for regular exercise, including eight training can help any person lose weight.

Certain strenuous activities like gardening, carrying groceries, and mowing lawns, if undertaken once a week, also contribute to weight loss efforts.

Hence, visible results in terms of a thinner and contoured chin and neck are noticed as the extra weight is shed off from the body


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