PandemicPositive Impacts Of COVID-19 - Facts That Help You Live A Better...

Positive Impacts Of COVID-19 – Facts That Help You Live A Better Life

The year 2020 sure hit us all hard. The Coronavirus or the COVID 19 has taken the world by storm, killing several and hospitalizing several more.

Positive Impacts Of COVID-19 All Over The World

For the first time, people have to stay away as a precaution and the ultimate weapon for survival. In situations like these, it is very easy to lose hope. The news each day brings us the terrible numbers in deaths and the negative impact the virus is having on us.

Nevertheless, for every negative impact there is always a positive impact too. In this article, we’re going to explore the positive impacts of COVID 19.

the positive impacts of COVID 19.

  • The Return Of Relationships

We’ve been so busy with our day to day lives, that we’ve forgotten the importance of relationships and spending time with our loved ones.

Most of us have been the lucky sort having the time off to go on a vacation with the family, but then again, weren’t we worried about the amount of work we’d have when we get home?

The spread of the virus has resulted in communities staying home and (like it or not) spending time with their families. People have rekindled those lost days of family relationships and have had an ample amount of time to mend their relationships.

The Lockdown Boredom has gotten people to find newer ways to stay connected and that has brought several friends and family to communicate again. If you are looking for a good time to mend an old relationship, this lockdown is your cue!

  • Hygiene For Survival!

The need of the hour requires us to stay clean. Being the socially active beings that we are, we tend to connect with fellow human beings and that cannot be stopped. This time, we’re going to have to do it hygienically.

We have to keep the danger in mind before touching our face, or when scratching our eyes. We will have to remember to cover our mouths when coughing or sneezing. They’re simple habits and we’re learning! It will take some getting used to, but eventually we’d get there. We’re starting to learn the importance of soaps and sanitizers, and how it helps in preventing the virus.

  • Discovering The Hidden You

With the lockdown boredom soaring, the phones and screens aren’t the only sources of entertainment. After a while, the screens lose the ability to keep one occupied. If that’s not all, headaches are very prone to occurring after constant staring into the screens.

This pandemic provides the best time to find within yourself the talent you knew you didn’t have, or you’ve been delayed to bring out. It’s never too late to learn something new. Children are now turning to several recreational activities to keep their minds active.  People are now seen to try out their cooking at new dishes, or reading a book they’ve been waiting to read in a long time. Others have taken this time to learn a new musical instrument or try their feet at a few dance moves.  There is always something new to do.

  • The Need For The Tech- Hour

With the entire world now connected over the internet, the bandwidth seems to have slowed down.  Yet, that has not stopped the updates in technology and social media.

People are looking to stay connected with family and friends. Others turn to the daily news for updates and comfort. At times like these, several apps and software have put their heads together and come up with better updates to meet the demands of the present time.

We’ve noticed and appreciated a few changes in most apps like WhatsApp, which now allows four rooms in a video call and Facebook which has included a new care emotion to bring back the smiles. Several apps and software like the Zoom app, Google duo, and several others have become the solutions to keep education and meetings running.

It’s a tough hour and staying connected is a necessity, be it emotionally or mentally.

  • Fewer People, Blue Skies, And A Happier Earth!

Economic activities have been shut down, and people have to stay indoors. Meanwhile, the earth seems to have seized this opportunity to repair itself. Besides an increase in moral growth, there’s been a significant decline in pollution. Lesser cars and lesser people have allowed the earth to breathe.

Several reports have shown the increase in happier animals strolling around, and a clearance in water-bodies. Rivers have shown a significant improvement since the enforcement of the lockdown.

The environment bounced back to life faster than we had expected it to. Perhaps this could serve as a base of researches to control environmental problems.

Despite being a tough time and the world at risk of losing several lives, a lot of good came out of the COVID 19 too. This could be the ultimate realization that people needed. People now would learn from this experience and value their lives and relationships. This could be the most needed break to restart ‘life’ again!


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