ManifestationMisconceptions About Law Of Attraction-8 Things You Need To Know

Misconceptions About Law Of Attraction-8 Things You Need To Know

Everyone wants whatever is good in life, but how does one achieve it? Is it hard work, never giving up attitude or a good game plan, or just imagining good things and it will happen?

This is what the law of attraction is, it says if you think good, goodness will come to you. If you focus on something, that particular thing will come into your life.

This also helps to build a positive outlook on life and a positive nature in turn. It is believed that the law of attraction works for everyone regardless of your religious belief, nationality, sex or your age.

Misconceptions About Law Of Attraction

The term “Law of Attraction” came into popularity because of a book known as “The Secret” and was also covered by Oprah and much international media as well.

How does This work?

ccording to the law of attraction, if you think positively and imagine yourself earning lots of money then you might attract opportunities to give you these desired results. This has both positive and negative outcomes. Positive is that this keeps a person’s mind on positive things while the negative side is if you fall sick then it must mean that you have attracted negative thoughts. There is a lot of debate on whether the law of attraction works or not.

Misconceptions About Law Of Attraction

Misconceptions About Law Of attraction

  • This Is Not Based On Science – The Law of Attraction is not guided by the traditional definitions of science. Since science works on observations and evidence, the law of attraction has no such proof, this cannot be seen by the Human Eye.
  • Get a quick rich policy – Many people think that the law of attraction is just so that you think in a particular way to make more money, however, that’s not the case, it’s much deeper than that. The Law of attraction is the way one should think to feel positive and be grateful and is more important for self-discovery.
  • This does not work – Many people believe this law of attraction doesn’t work because they haven’t heard about this in school or no one taught this to them. The things that are introduced to us in the later stage of life are quite hard to understand and grasp, however, there are many proofs that if you think positively and have a positive outlook on life you do attract positive energy.
  • Takes too much time – One of the reasons why people don’t believe in the law of attraction is that it’s a long process and requires constant effort. But know this if you do not make an effort for your milestone, you won’t ever achieve it. The Law of attraction helps you in keeping a positive approach for that milestone and makes you remember why you started it so that you don’t quit midway. 
  • Thinking positive or negative could attract good or bad things – This is not fully wrong and not fully right. Suppose you are married and just because you had a negative thought about the marriage your wife won’t divorce you. The same goes for positive thoughts as well. However, if you stay in that zone for long enough like if you are in a negative zone for long then you would attract bad things.
  • This is a modern thing – People believe that the law of attraction is a new-gen thing, however, it’s not true. This has come to light in recent years, yes but the law of attraction dates back to the early 1900s. Earlier it was said if you plant one tree a week you will see a forest in some years and that was true.
  • Law of attraction principles are egocentric – This is a common misconnection about the law of attraction because people work on themselves and just focus on their things. However this is not the case, the law of attraction is more or less how your relationship with the other person should be, how you can make it better, and how you can be thankful to other people.
  • This is not everyone’s cup of tea – Many people believe that the law of attraction is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not for everyone. This is like saying fire doesn’t produce heat or that gravity doesn’t affect everyone.
  • In conclusion, there is no way to prove the law of attraction, it entirely depends on person to person and how they see the world.

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