ManifestationHow To Manifest Your Own Business? Goal Setting

How To Manifest Your Own Business? Goal Setting

So you want to manifest your own business. Manifest is the magic word and this buzzword has been around for almost 2 decades when a book by Rhonda Byrne shared the secret of how we attract things, events, and people into our lives.

Then a flood of more than 500 books and even long-forgotten books by Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, and James Allen got a second lease of life as people delved deep into these books and tried to manifest their dream lives. Some succeeded, some did not.

How To Manifest Your Own Business?

Wallace D. Wattles had written over a hundred years ago that there is a science of getting rich and we create matter out of our own thoughts and make them happen. Rhonda Byrne revealed her secret by saying that thoughts become things and that we manifest what we give the most thought to.

How To Manifest Your Own Business

Thus If someone is wanting to get rich by getting rid of his or her debts, the person is actually thinking of debt and will inadvertently attract more debt.

Coming back to business, you must first know what is the best business for you. You must really want to do it very badly. Don’t choose a business just because it’s run by your family. 

The business must be feasible for you and you must be prepared for initial setbacks and a long wait before the money and profits begin to come in. Most people have limited capital and cannot sustain themselves and their business during the long wait and most often give up. One cannot become Dhirubhai Ambani overnight.

You need great ideas for making money. Dhirubhai Ambani would not have been able to build his empire unless he had that great vision of giving more value to shareholders. Reliance shares got the confidence of millions of shareholders and the rest is history.    

There is a saying that that you need to break eggs to make an omelet; a simple saying but with profound meaning.              

The next thing you need to do is make 2 columns and make two lists. On the left-hand side, list at least 5 things you like to do more than anything else in the world. On the right-hand side, list 5 things that people have praised and appreciated you for. A comparison of the results will give you your life purpose. If the 2 lists match, you’ve got it made for you.

Having decided on the business you want to do, make realistic goals that are achievable and believe that you can achieve them. 

The first is to gain knowledge. You must make yourself an expert in the business that you want to do even before you even begin it. Careful observation and lots of study and research are required.

Try not to choose a capital-intensive business. Amazon does not have a single retail store, Ola does not own a single car and Oyo does not own any real estate yet they leverage the assets of other people and make them available for their customers.

The Government of India has lots of loans and schemes available for young and new entrepreneurs. Apply for the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana and also attend the program on entrepreneurship development free of charge. These are free training sessions organized by the Government of India.

Attending these sessions will provide many options and you will need to see which suits you the best. It would be good to get 2 or 3 people with you and start as a partnership. It would be even better if at least one member of your team is from a business family that can help get valuable inputs on starting the business.

Having decided on the business, take the help of the government on new startups and use the facilities they provide to help your business succeed. You must ensure your first business takes off and that motivation will keep you on a business career. 

The important key aspect is to be prepared for the worst. Keep asking yourself how you will sustain yourself if the business doesn’t pay for 6 months. Keep cash reserves and don’t give up. By now, the business you will have selected must be a sure-to-win business.

Don’t forget the pandemic is still not over and avoid the kinds of business that did not do well.

Good luck. Ask for what you want, believe you can do it, and work really hard to start your own business.

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