RelationshipHow To Manifest Relationship Goals?

How To Manifest Relationship Goals?

A large number of books, webinars, blogs, movies, and videos on manifestation have left people unsure. On one hand, it seems so easy and on the other, it just doesn’t seem to work at all. All the pundits and Gurus advise the people to just think, wish, ask and then watch it manifest. The law of attraction had never been explained so succinctly before and the process seems so easy and yet many people don’t seem to get it right.

The first thing to be done is to identify relationships and set relationship goals. The relationship isn’t just getting a new girlfriend or a boyfriend. Relationships are made with parents, friends, colleagues, relatives and people we interact with. Relationship goals would be to say one kind word to everyone we meet every day, to put in a word of appreciation to a subordinate such as the receptionist, the janitor and the clerk.

What Are The Different Aspects Of Setting Positive Relationships?

The first aspect of setting positive relationship goals is to love oneself. Self-love literally makes a person glow and it is this glow that attracts others to the people that glow. That is a typical case of the law of attraction in action.

Self-love boils down to love all that we do and we can only love ourselves if we have a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, get plenty of exercises, nurture hobbies and activities that get us noticed. A popular self-help expert once pointed out how can we love others if we don’t love ourselves first? We begin to see ourselves as successful, confident, healthy and handsome. This is what draws others to us.

How To Manifest Relationship Goals

The next work to do on ourselves is to cleanse out behaviour and attitudes that spoilt our relationships in the first place. This is the time to do soul searching and work on ourselves to eliminate all our negative attitudes and behaviour. This can be high handedness, indecent behaviour and lack of empathy.

This part is difficult as bad habits and attitudes can become second nature and it becomes difficult to work on them and eliminate them completely. Great relationship goals start with having a kind word with all people including those we intend to set relationship goals with. 

One good way is to make a note whenever we utter or do anything out of turn or in a negative context and make it up the next day with a positive stroke. Several people start to heal themselves by visiting a psychiatrist or even a relationship counsellor. If that makes you happy, do it by all means. 

A relationship Guru has summed it up very well and calls this a constant karmic score and how to keep it. Just like health-conscious individuals who are measuring and keeping the score of the calories of food eaten throughout the day, the Karmic score works by assigning ourselves a positive or a negative score each time we do something positive or negative.

For instance, if I were to begin the day by scolding the gardener and criticising him, I would start with a score of -3. On the way into the office, I praise the garage attendant for keeping the garage so clean. My Karmic score increases by +2 and I still have a net karmic score of -1. I set about calculating my Karmic score and writing it down in my diary every day. I aim for a score of beyond +5 every day. Initially, I struggled to keep the score even at +1.

After a few weeks, I began to notice my scores remaining at +5 and +6 without really making much effort. I was pleasantly surprised when people began telling me how I had changed and how I had become more approachable. 

Another great way to make ourselves more attractive to others is to do the things we love and do and which make us happy. Radiating happiness is the best way to set about making relationship goals. 

After we have worked on ourselves, healed the scars of past relationships that turned sour, worked on keeping karmic scores on the positive side and maintain a healthy active lifestyle, now is the time to set relationship goals. The goals can be listed individually and can be the start of a new healthy relationship with all our relatives including parents, brothers, sisters and even our own children.       

Set about making relationship goals believe you can achieve them and watch your relationships manifest one by one.

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