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Leptin And Ghrelin: What They Are And How They Impact Health And Weight?

Leptin and Ghrelin are two important hormones in our body that regulate our appetite. If you are planning to lose or gain weight, you need to understand the working mechanism of these hormones so that you will know where you are going wrong with regards to your weight management. While Leptin is known to decrease the hunger mechanism in the body, Ghrelin is known to increase the hunger mechanism in the body.

Leptin And Ghrelin: What They Are And How They Impact Health And Weight?

Both of them send signals regarding their tasks to the brain, and the brain responds according to the signal received by these hormones. For this reason, these two hormones are generally known as hunger hormones. Let us try to understand their behavior and their impact on weight in a detailed manner.

Leptin and Weight Loss

Leptin Suppresses Appetite

Leptin is a hormone that is generated in the fat cells of the body, and its primary task is to inform the brain about the fat cells in the body. When they are more in number, they will inform the brain to use the stored fat, and this generally suppresses the appetite.

In general, it is found that thin people have more Leptin in their body and fat people have less amount of this hormone. In obese people, the brain develops resistance to this hormone, and it does not recognize the presence of fat in the body. Thereby it does not signal the body to stop eating, and the appetite is increased due to this reason.

Ghrelin Increases Appetite

This hormone is produced in the stomach when you are hungry, and it signals the brain to eat some food. The hormone produced enters the bloodstream and goes into the brain to provide the signal. Once the stomach is full, the amount of Ghrelin in the body naturally reduces on its own and waits until the stomach is again empty.

In this way, this hormone can be considered a short term regulator of appetite, and having less of this hormone can help you with weight loss. When you want to gain enough weight in a short duration, you will need more of this hormone.

Impact of Leptin and Ghrelin on weight

Both of these hormones are needed for weight management, and they work together to control the appetite of the body. People who are obese or too thin often suffer from imbalance in these hormones, and they need medication to treat the condition. When people are fat, the body produces too much leptin which should naturally tell the body to eat less. But unfortunately, the brain develops resistance to Leptin, and it does not suppress hunger in a natural way. Due to this reason, obese people tend to get hungrier even though their stomach is full.

Similarly, Ghrelin works on weight management by increasing appetite when the stomach is empty. In most cases, this is a temporary phenomenon, and most people do not suffer from problems related to this hormone. As the amount of this hormone in the body naturally subsides after eating, there is no need to pay too much attention to this hormone unless the person is underweight by a considerable margin.

Impact of Leptin and Ghrelin on overall health:

Both these hormones are equally crucial for the overall well being of any person. Whenever there is excess production or less production of these hormones or one of them, the body does not recognize hunger properly, and it leads to various health complications in the long run. Leptin resistance is a big problem in obese people, and they find it very difficult to manage the appetite due to this issue. For this reason, doctors pay more attention to Leptin hormone when it comes to maintaining overall weight issues as this generally plays a long term role in weight management. In this regard, you should be watchful about this hormone when you want to lose weight or when you do not want to suffer from side effects of obesity.

There are medications available to treat both the deficiency and excess production of these hormones. However, you need to understand that medicine can only provide temporary benefits, and you will not be able to get long term benefits out of them. On the other hand, making suitable lifestyle changes can help you to improve the balance between these hormones, and this will help you with weight management in particular and also improve your overall health condition. If you’re looking for a supplement that can control your hormones to lose weight, please read through the review of the Resurge supplement by SystemAgility.com. This is a trending weight loss pill in 2020.


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