PandemicHow Can We Keep Ourselves Mentally Strong to Fight COVID 19?

How Can We Keep Ourselves Mentally Strong to Fight COVID 19?

COVID 19 or Coronavirus is a severe pandemic that is affecting the health of many people globally. It has grown quickly across the world since its emergence. It has not only affected the health of people but also devastated every country’s economic, political, and social power. It is undoubtedly a case of a concern, but having stress and anxiety will weaken you from coping out of this situation.

Tips To Keep Ourselves Mentally Strong to Fight COVID 19

Stress and fear in the disease outbreak will make you more worried about your near and dear ones. Physical and mental health problems will worsen because of excessive anxiety and stress. It will show difficulties in having proper sleep and concentration. Because of extreme stress, no one can stay happy, and eventually, it will affect your closed ones too. But if you stay strong even in this situation, your surroundings will automatically be fine and stronger.

How Can We Keep Ourselves Mentally Strong to Fight COVID 19?

Reasons for Stress During COVID 19 Outbreak:

  • The financial commitment is one of the biggest reasons for stress. The economy is decreasing because of ongoing lockdown. So, there are possibilities and fear of losing jobs. But taking stress will not cure anything. There are many ways one can improve financially again, but once health worsens, it is difficult to cure.
  • Worrying more about the health of closed ones is definitely a reason for panic during this disease outbreak. If in a family there are old persons, children or any person working in the health care sector, then many people become restless thinking more about their family. But worrying too much can decrease the health condition of a person.
  • Knowing fewer facts about the coronavirus also creates panic in people. Sometimes improper information or false information in social media makes one more worried. In this case, one must follow the authentic sites for gaining information about COVID 19 like WHO.

Six methods in which we can keep ourselves mentally strong to fight COVID 19

In the time of crisis, many people are worried, uncomfortable, frightened, and stressful. But many people are thankful for having enough time to spend with family. It is just a way of thinking. If you think positive and stay strong, you can overcome every problem.

  1. Keep up your hope and positivity

One cannot ignore the negative points, but drawing positivity out of it makes you stronger. Keep concentration on those things that are positive in life. Create a surrounding of positivity by sharing positive stories of people who have recovered from this disease. Try to listen to the people who supported their family to overcome the situation and share those positive experiences.

  1. Creating limits to COVID 19 news

Take certain breaks from coronavirus news. Limit yourself from watching too much news and facts about COVID 19 on television or the internet. Constantly watching news and information creates distress and worry in a person. Set boundaries from too much exposure to news. Learn facts and news that are important but skip from excessive news. Try to only look for news from authentic sites and ignore wrong viral facts about the pandemic.

  1. Help others and support your community

Talking with family and friends will help a lot in relieving stress. Helping them in the time of need and showing concern about them will also help you in overcoming this challenge. Always reach out to a person who needs your support. Comfort to him will stabilize you too. Under self-isolation, one can assist digitally, and there are several other ways also available. Even a little amount of help can mean a lot to others.

  1. Take care of yourself

Quarantine is the best time to start caring about yourself. Make schedules for your daily habits and do work that you always wanted to complete. Be creative and share your feelings with everyone by writing them or talking with others. Do not hold feelings and worries within yourself. To calm down, one can practice meditation, exercise. Maintain cleaning habits and a healthy diet. You can also use Pandemic Survival Book  For more tips

  1. Inform children and help them to release stress/li>

Children are the most vulnerable during the pandemic as they have less information and usually get stressed. If your surrounding has any children, try to clear their doubts about COVID 19. Make them understand and handle them with extreme care and affection. Assure them that they are safe and try taking them out of stress.

  1. Clear doubts from Healthcare Professionals/li>

Do not panic by thinking about the coronavirus. If you have any queries, you can talk to doctors or health professionals. They will aid you in recovering from anxiety and stress. You can ask about precautions and preventions from the disease. If any health problem happens, check yourself from a doctor.

All these ways will help you to decrease stress levels in the body. COVID 19 is surely a dangerous disease, but it can be cured. Stress and panic will only worsen the situation. Be calm and stay mentally strong to overcome COVID 19 pandemic.


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