Kidney HealthHow To Keep Away From Chronic Kidney Diseases?

How To Keep Away From Chronic Kidney Diseases?

Chronic kidney disease CKD is becoming the fifth most common cause of early mortality all over the world. Kidneys are the organs in our bodies that remove wastes and excess water from the blood.

How To Keep Away From Chronic Kidney Diseases?

The kidney apparatus performs its function by filtering the blood that passes through the apparatus along a route that facilitates maximum filtration. If kidney dysfunctions there can be several early symptoms, these can be

How To Keep Away From Chronic Kidney Diseases?
  • Feeling off illness due to incomplete excretion of wastes
  • Excessive retention of water due to poor filtration
  • The feeling of pain and inflammation below the abdomen
  • Abnormal urine color different from the normal pale yellow color
  • The reddish color of urine due to blood in the urine
  • Excess protein in a urine sample

Functioning of healthy kidneys

A healthy kidney organ can filter over 100 ml of blood every minute, about 144 l of blood each day. The rate at which kidneys filter blood is called glomerular filtration rate GFR. GFR can be estimated with a simple blood test. Normal GFR is around 100. GFR is not a deterministic test of kidney dysfunction.

Diseased kidneys can show normal GFR and even function normally. Kidney disease has three stages, namely the primary, secondary and tertiary stages.

Dialysis or kidney replacement is suggested mostly in the tertiary stage. It is possible to prevent the progression of kidney dysfunction or disease. GFR test can be used for strengthening diagnosis when other symptoms also point towards kidney illness.

Causes of kidney dysfunction

The common causes of kidney dysfunction have been associated with existing medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and other illnesses.

Hypertension is a high blood pressure condition; kidneys can be dysfunctional if blood passing through the apparatus exerts above normal pressure. In diabetes conditions, the blood sugar level is above normal. Uncontrolled levels of sugar in blood harm all organs, including kidneys, due to inflammatory action.

The cause of kidney dysfunction can also be due to a defect in kidney apparatus structure or form. Defects in kidneys can be present from birth and can worsen with age. Attack of microbes can also make the kidney ill.

  1. Renal diet

A renal diet is a meal plan to make kidneys healthy. People with chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure can benefit by following a renal diet plan. Those with kidney illness symptoms like abnormal urine tests can also benefit by following a meal plan healthy for kidneys. The following are the primary concerns of renal diets:

2. Mineral content

A diet high in sodium content increases blood pressure due to fluid retention. It is difficult for kidneys to filter out excess water when sodium content in the blood is above normal.

Excess water retained in the blood increases the blood pressure above normal. While the kidney is healing from sickness, a diet of very low mineral content is suggested to ease the kidneys and help them recuperate.

Apart from sodium, potassium and phosphorus content in diets also need to be watched. Renal diet plans suggest an intake of sodium less than 2 g per day, potassium less than two g/day, and phosphorus less than 0.8 to 1g per day.

3. Protein content 

When kidneys are weak, they pass out proteins in urine. Renal diet plans suggest an intake of simple proteins like egg white, fish and lean meat. Complex proteins like egg yolk and red meat are avoided.

4. Cholesterol content

Unsaturated fats are good for all organs, including kidneys, as compared to saturated fats. Renal diet plans comprise measured amounts of unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are avoided.

5. Antioxidant content

When kidneys are dysfunctional, toxins are accumulated in the body due to the incomplete excretion of wastes. Renal diet plans suggest the inclusion of foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants absorb toxins and help the body get rid of them.

6. Water intake

Plentiful water intake is suggested during kidney illness as water helps to flush out the waste matter out of the body.


Regimen for healthy kidneys

People with chronic illnesses need to keep watch over their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Excess fat deposits in organs harm all organs, including kidneys.

Uncontrolled accumulation of fat deposits in the body can make organs dysfunctional due to loss of normal structure. Excess intake of alcohol harms the heart, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Healthy eating habits and regular exercises keep many diseases at bay, including kidney diseases.


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