ManifestationJournaling The Manifestation Of Your Success!

Journaling The Manifestation Of Your Success!

What does it mean to manifest? Manifesting your life, manifesting your dreams, and manifesting your wants and needs are now creating more and more awareness among people who are looking to live a life they dream about. Manifestation of anything you are longing for means aligning your thoughts and focusing your thoughts onto what you want, making it more precise.

For example, “I want a house filled with greenery, a garden, a large bedroom with white and wooden bedding and off-white curtains” and you continue to put that out in the universe for it to manifest and come back to you.

The book named The Secret talks about how you manifest and how to tune your thoughts into what you want and let them come back to you. This is a practice, nowadays, used by many individuals as the awareness is spreading. You cannot fake it till you make it here. You make sure you believe the process. You believe as you create and speak, and not just say it once, and never believe or work on it.

How To Create A Journal Of Your Manifestation On Success?

Nothing comes without any hard work and belief. Manifesting your wants and needs is much of practice than just a process that you have to do. Manifesting your wants and needs begins with the mindset. Watch out for your belief system.

Make sure that you do not have any sort of resistance towards your desires and make sure you are clear about what you desire and be sure about what and why you want what you want. The belief system works here; you have to act like you already have it and be super grateful for all that you have. And finally, follow the inspired action.

You need to then train your subconscious mind into believing that all you desire is yours, already. When the subconscious mind gets to know that you already feel like you have it or you already have it, the universe then delivers. This is the law.

Journaling The Manifestation Of Your Success

Now, manifesting your success and making a journal of it is one of those ways to the right practice. A few steps that can be taken care of, to journalize the manifestation of your success are as follows:

➡️Consider thinking about what it is that you want or require, preferably one thing only, every time you are journaling.

➡️After journaling what you precisely want, mention down in your journal, why.

➡️After, think about the answers you write down about “how will you feel” and focus on that thought.

➡️After that, take the initiative you can towards it and simply begin to mention by writing in your diary or your journal as they say as if you already got what you wanted.

Journaling is known to be one of the quickest ways to connect with your higher self and keep your subconscious mind busy. Journaling is also known to be an effective tool when it comes to the practice of manifestation.

Mindset shifting does not happen overnight and requires much patience. You can start with the easy process and these little things soon become a big thing. But the little things must be done consistently. Like, if you want to start the manifestation process on abundance, your soulmate, you are the career of your dreams, here are a few things you can do.

????Abundance: Do not tend to buy the cheapest stuff, buy whatever you like the best that you can afford and take a mental note to come back for more or for the things that you desire, soon.

????Your Soulmate: Manifestation of your soulmate is something that can change your life if you do it the right way. Try sleeping on one side of the bed, leaving his or his side free. Try going window shopping for their birthday present.

????The Career of your Dreams: Practice the process of talking and being like the Career Person you see yourself to be as. Play that you are a “celebrity” for example, just like how you see yourself to be. This might seem or look silly, but do it and see how the universe delivers.

????New Friends: Put the music on full volume and dance your soul away imagining that you are dancing with your new friends that you desire.

????The Perfect Health: You must learn the process of appreciating your body that is healthy and appreciates it deeply. Talk to your body with a heartfelt appreciation of how it is working just fine and helping you to move ahead in life, in the healthiest way possible. Talking to your body creates a bond with your own body, by your soul, making it easy to connect to what is inside of you.

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