ManifestationHow To Manifest Using Affirmations: Techniques To Be Followed !

How To Manifest Using Affirmations: Techniques To Be Followed !

In this fast and ever changing world, everyone seeks to fulfil their desires. For making this happen people choose many ways like Yoga, training their mind, changing habits and so on. One such thing is affirmations.

How to Manifest Using Affirmation?

Affirmations are various sentences or quotes or scenarios you create in your mind so that you subconsciously start working on it by thinking on the final goal. This is relative to if you think positive then positive circumstances will be presented to you.

How To Manifest Using Affirmations
  • Be in Present – While stating your affirmations always use the Present tense like “I am strong” or “I love my family”. When you state your affirmations in present tense it tricks your brain into believing this is already achievable and you will be subconsciously work towards it without any resistance.
  • Pen Down your affirmations – Always write down your affirmations as this makes it easier to remember for long term effect. Never use a computer or tablet to fill your affirmations. Always use a pen and a paper and make sure the environment is calm while doing so. This makes your mind to stay fresh and this works as magnet to bring back the memories when you are going to stray away from the path.
  • Always talk in positive manner – This is the most important task in manifesting affirmations. One should always talk in day to day life with positive outreach. The statement “I am not shy to dance in public” is wrong as there is the word “not” in this. What the brain intercepts is “I`m shy to dance in public”. You should always avoid the negative works in your sentences. One can reconstruct the above sentence as “Its easier for me to dance in public”. This builds a positive outlook to life and helps you in your daily life.
  • Repeat your affirmations – If someone keeps on saying you can’t do a particular thing, then over a period of time your brain thinks the same and eventually you fail the task. So rather train your mind to think on the reverse of what may hurt you. “You won’t clear the exam” this can have a very long lasting effect and might eventually lead a person to fail, one should think “I have cleared the exam”, this will force your brain to work subconsciously work on clearing the exam with a positive attitude. One should also repeat these affirmations on a daily basis.
  • Make it easier – Your affirmations should always be easy and simple to understand and remember. “I am grateful for Monday” this will help you get through the tough Monday office hours and you`ll have a much easier day as compared to others due to your positive thinking. Affirmations should be a one liner and not big paragraphs as this will make the brain to remember it easily on a daily basis and is also easier to write it down.
  • You should be the Centre – All your affirmations should be about you and not others. Doing so you can help yourself and in turn help others in the process as well. “My family is so understanding” this is wrong as you will be more focused on your family’s personality and not yourself. One must say “I know how I can keep my family understand me better”, in this way you will focus on developing yourself and in turn you will help your family with positive outreach.
  • Know your Why – This is the most important question. You should have a clear answer as to why you are starting this and nit just because you saw others doing so. Knowing your why will help you when you are stuck in a place in your journey. This reason will help you push through tough times when you think of quitting. The one who figures out the WHY will inevitably figure out the HOW.

The above methods are very helpful in manifesting your affirmations to create a positive life. One should not quit the path they have started and believe in one self once the journey starts. In the initial stage it will be tough but as you keep on following the above said methods, you will reach your goal.

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