Brain HealthHow To Develop Your Intuition? A Complete Guide!

How To Develop Your Intuition? A Complete Guide!

Intuition is the messages, indications, and signals that we get from our sixth sense, that gives an indication of things to come. We mostly do not go by them and mostly ignore them. If perceived carefully, intuition can come in very handy. 

There are times when we go to a place and don’t feel comfortable, a nagging feeling. Many a time we discover something negative or wrong about the place later on. There are times when a person we interact with does not feel right only to discover the truth about the person later on.


A Guide To Develop Your Intuition

There are many people who have strong intuition and can sense whether or not to proceed with a job or a project and such powers of intuition can be very helpful and guiding. Intuition is an inborn trait, and it comes naturally to us, in varying degrees. 

This latent power within us can be developed and made even stronger. 

How To Develop Your Intuition?

There are several ways to develop intuition within us.

Begin by meditation. Concentrating in silence will help us listen to that inner voice that tells us, warns us, and guides us.

Increase perception. Increase observation by all 5 senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and feeling. Regular practice of perceiving from all the senses increases our perception and will strengthen the sixth sense.

A good way to develop our instinct is to pay close attention to our feelings and write down a specific hunch or a feeling we get before we embark on a journey. Referring to what we had written earlier will be a surprise to discover how many times our feelings had been right. Repeated affirmation of our feelings will instill a sense of confidence within us about the accuracy of our intuition and serve to strengthen the power of our intuition.

Another way to develop intuition is to listen and observe our bodies. Do we have to force ourselves into doing a job? Do we feel stressed or uneasy while doing or trying out something new? Becoming aware of these body signs is intuition at work. The more we observe and become aware of them and compare them with the aftereffect of our actions, the stronger and more developed our intuition becomes.

Get into multiple activities and nurture a number of hobbies and pastimes. The objective is to get creative. As we engage in multiple activities, we will be feeling better. Creative pursuits open up the mind and help develop the power of intuition.

Taking a vacation and going to a new place and relaxing is a great way to get in touch with our intuition. Thinking and reflecting from a new perspective and a new location in a relaxed environment makes us more sensitive to our senses, feelings and develops our intuition to a new level of heightened perception. 

When we are awake and conscious, the mind is active, and we are not so tuned to the subconscious mind and intuition. But when we are asleep, intuition and the subconscious mind send strong messages by way of dreams. It is a very good idea to write descriptions of dreams soon after waking up. Reading later what we have written and comparing them with present real-life incidents can sometimes be very revealing and provide strong indications of our intuition at work. 

Learning to differentiate between our thoughts and feelings is a great way to identify intuition. The mind is loud and there is a constant debate that seems to be going on in our minds. But feelings are different. We need to train ourselves to ignore the noise from our minds to the gentle feelings that mostly get overshadowed by our conscious mind and the signals from our 5 senses. Listening and trying to observe our feelings deep underneath are great ways to develop intuition. Practice can bring many people to a stage where they can immediately identify their feelings. This is one of the practices of listening for that inner voice which is actually a part of meditation


Reading good books on the subject is a great way to learn, practice, and develop intuition. Some of the good books on the subject of intuition are Developing intuition by Shakti Gawain and Trust your vibes by Sonia Choquette. With a desire to develop intuition and realize its value as a constant guide, a person is in the realm of miracles. 


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