HealthHow Is Self Reflection Important In Life?

How Is Self Reflection Important In Life?

Self-reflection is one of the key elements for a person in this busy life. Self-reflection can also be considered as the key to self-awareness.  Self-reflection helps an individual to look at their feelings and emotions differently and in a more depth which helps them to make an informed decision when they are sad or angry.

Self-reflection doesn’t come easy it takes a lot of time and patience to understand the emotions and why does one feel a particular way about certain things.


How Is Self Reflection Important In Life?

When a person has a self-reflection, he or she is able to be more productive in many aspects of life.

How Is Self Reflection Important In Life?
Why is Self-reflection important?
  • To understand things – Many a times in life we just go from one task to another task, achieving our goals and milestones without fully understanding what we did or what we moved from. Self reflection will help an individual understand these thoughts and make sense to it as well.
  • To Uncover some things – When we write our problems on a paper our mind things on it more deeply and this helps us to look for a solution to our problems. Self reflection helps a person uncover certain things which causes them troubles and help them gain the right way to combat it.
  • Helps a person to challenge their own thoughts – We are constantly thinking about millions of things and many of those are thoughts which are our weakness or some failures that we might expect or might have happened to us. With elf reflection and writing down these thoughts you start to think does this have a long term effect on me or is it just me over exaggerating this, this will help you challenge your own mindset and make you find better ways to handle daily problems.
  • To track the progress – Many a times we get so busy in achieving our goals and milestones that we forget to keep track of the progress that we have achieved so far. Self refection helps you to keep track of your progress and makes you realize certain things can be done much better and with ease.
  • To accept yourselves – Self-reflection helps you to have self-acceptance. Many people in their life compare themselves with other people, some may aspire to earn as much as other person is earning while some may want the fit body which the other person has. While comparing oneself with another person you often lose out to see the good in yourself and find it harder to accept oneself. While you write down this worry in the process of self reflection you will realize that in the long run it doesn’t matter and that comparing yourself with someone is not worth your time.


When should you practice self-reflection?

lection need not be practiced for long hours daily. You can just use few minutes of your day to reflect upon the things that happened in the past day and make notes of how you could have improved and what you were good at. This will help you to deal with the current day and you will be much more prepared.

One should not use self-reflection for a long time as this could lead to self-obsession as they would be constantly worrying about the emotions they went through and various failures that they saw. Hence it is said that only a few minutes should be dedicated to self-reflection. It is not necessary to cover all the above points on a daily basis, just a quick brush-up of the above points will be more than helpful in this self-reflection journey.

Self-reflection is quite helpful for people who are burned with a lot of stress at their workplace or in their personal life. Self-reflection will help them prioritize the important things first and work on them thereby solving one problem at a time rather than attacking all the problems together. Many people get into self-reflection while performing Yoga as well as this calms your mind and gives it enough time to think about the events of the day or the week.

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