BloggingHow To Outrank Blackout SEO Competitor? 5 Simple Steps!

How To Outrank Blackout SEO Competitor? 5 Simple Steps!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was not such a big deal a couple of years before but things have changed; markets are mostly online. Nowadays all the business whether small scale or multinational companies all have their own websites & eMarketing strategies. In order to make your website trending & increase website traffic SEO tricks are extremely useful.

How To Outrank Blackout SEO Competitor?

SEO competition is the one thing that keeps the online industry in check with healthy rivalry in the companies in the same field. You need tactics to beat your competitor in the SEO market as it is totally driven by search engines which work on keywords mechanism. You need to improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Positions) in order to survive the market online & outrank your major competitors.

Here are the steps of how to outrank blackout SEO competitor with some cheat sheet tricks to help you improve your rankings.

How To Outrank Blackout SEO Competitor

STEP 1: Know your Competitorp>Identifying your competitor is the most effective way to start with the plan to outrace them. In any business, we are all aware of the big players & they can be considered our ultimate competition. Our current competitor may not be a big company but a small scale company with a new startup idea or another who is at the same business phase as your company.

Sometime the competitor may not be of your niche but you need to keep a keen eye for them as well. If you are a supplier of raw material in an area & search results with best raw material may include you as well as someone blog which tells you the best supplier or some other third party agency.

STEP 2: Analyse before Link Buildingp>Your top competitor can always be found on the first page result of the website you are targeting. Go through their page before you start building a link for your own page you will know how to represent themselves & their working mechanism will be clear to you. You need to strategize according to their current performance & be better than them.

Look for details like backlink data, domain strength, catalog listing, keywords, social ranking by review services. It will be harder to compete against any competitor with the same keywords you need to develop well defined & expressive new keywords for your website.

You need to dig deep in the backlink’s information of your competitor; dissect their link profiles & know the source from where they are gaining their backlinks. Doing this you will definitely stumble across some new links for your website.

STEP 3: On-Site Content is the Key

To make your work easier we have competition analysis tools to help you with the content quality rankings. You should use the same tool as your competitor to set the same scales & do thorough research on their content management system (when & how they change the content how often do they change it & the quality of content).

 Blackout SEO Competitor

Also, check small thing like:

  • The relevance of the Topic
  • Media details (no of photos & videos with their length)
  • Word count
  • Dept of topic covered
  • Metadata

These are the details that the search engine algorithm looks for while it crawls your website inside out before showing the search results.

STEP 4: Social Media’s Role

Social media plays an essential part in the formation of good SEO for your website. You can increase the traffic on your website with the linkless media representation online. Also, your competitor would not be able to crack your backlink this way & you can also ask you user reviews to improve your website.

STEP 5: Structure of site & Ad Spend

jor changes in the algorithm of the search engine bots have been focused on the site compatibility on the mobile. You need to make a site that is faster, responsive & works well on all the outlets whether it be mobile, tablet or computers with improvised search results to help the users.

The last part is when you have done everything in your power to optimize your webpage your SERP (Search Engine Result Position) doesn’t show much improvement it is time to work on external factors. The only possibility left is that your competitor is using paid services to outrank others, in essence, spending more than you are on the advertising companies to generate sales.

Wrap Up

was a brief step by step way to outrank your SEO competitor all you need to do is follow it & you will be at the top your game in no time. Even after you get to the top position in the rank list keep making small changes & improvements to maintain it because SERP can drop very quickly.


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