UncategorizedHow To Lose Unhealthy Weight During Pregnancy?

How To Lose Unhealthy Weight During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy and weight gain go together. But if the woman is overweight when she commences her pregnancy, then, the additional weight gain happening during pregnancy can turn her remarkable period of pregnancy difficult in many ways.

How To Lose Unhealthy Weight During Pregnancy?

How to lose weight when pregnant

Maintaining a healthy weight has extreme importance during the whole period of pregnancy. The BMI of a pregnant woman must not be more than 30.

If it happens, then, losing unhealthy weight can be beneficial for both the mother and child during pregnancy. But one thing should be remembered that one must not feel tensed about losing weight in the early days of pregnancy.

Safety while losing weight during pregnancy

Typically, obese women should reduce weight during pregnancy as it reduces the risk of some complications like Preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

But one thing to remember is that for each weight loss program, a pregnant woman must be prepared and monitored by a doctor or a medical professional.

Ordinarily, pregnant ladies are not supposed to lose weight in any way or follow a weight loss program during the phase of pregnancy.

It is common for such females to lose weight in the first trimester because of morning sickness and other things, including loss of appetite. But, she eventually gains the lost kilos in the next two trimesters of the pregnancy.

Distribution of total weight in a pregnancy:

The total amount of weight gained by a pregnant woman is distributed evenly.

How To Lose Weight When Pregnant

Below given are pointers for the breakdown of weight gain in pregnancy:

● 3 to 3.5 kgs at the end of pregnancy time.

● Both amniotic fluid and placenta weigh about 1.5 kg.

● The enlarged and engorged uterus and breasts can add up to additional 2 kilos during the whole way.  

● The additional bodily fluids and blood can add up to 4 kg weight. 

● Fat and other constituents of nutrition can weigh around 3 kgs.

The total weight that is gained during the whole pregnancy can be between 10 to 15 kilos.

Choose whether you can follow a weight loss diet in pregnancy or not?

erally, it is not advised for any pregnant women to go on a crash diet or any other lower-calorie diet in pregnancy. This is because there are chances that a weight loss diet which is not nutritional enough can lead to mental retardation or neurological problems and respiratory issues in the child.

The diet might cause unavailability of the proper number of micronutrients and nutrients necessary for the foetus from early pregnancy.

In contrast, pregnant women can cause an increase in the risk of obesity in the offspring in his/her later years of life.

A healthy diet must be rich in all the constituents of fibre-rich foods and whole foods important during pregnancy. One must always consult their doctor before making any changes in the dietary plan.

It is essential because a child’s health depends on the mother’s decisions during pregnancy. The inclusion of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins is vital in the diet.

Also, consumption of sugary items, processed food, and liquid calories must be avoided.

Tips To Lose Weight Safely In Pregnancy

oubtedly, pregnancy and obesity cannot go hand in hand as it can lead to multiple health issues and can even cause complexities during delivery and labour. Losing too much weight without any pregnancy consultations can be dangerous for both the baby and mother’s health. 

Below are given some tips that can be followed or taken into considerations to lose weight without causing any harm to the baby.

  • Always find the amount of weight that is required to gain

Even an obese pregnant woman will gain a few kilos in her pregnancy for the well-being of her child. Firstly, measure the pregnant woman’s current weight, and with the help of a pregnancy chart, you can easily calculate how much weight is required to gain.

How to lose weight when pregnant

Now the aim of weight loss must stay within the calculated limit. Make sure to weigh daily at the same time of the day on the same scale. Then, you can limit watching the weight once a week after you feel that fluctuations have become standard.

Also, one needs to remember that weighing daily can lead to unwanted anxiety and stress that must not be taken by a pregnant woman.

  • Exercising Daily 

Doctors have always prescribed doing modern exercise to pregnant women during pregnancy without regard for the woman’s initial weight. It helps attain relief from pain and anxiety that happens in pregnancy when the body undergoes many hormonal and physical changes.

How to lose weight when pregnant

At least 30 minutes of physical exercise or activity is recommended for a pregnant woman every day in blocks of 10 to 15 minutes each. Some of the physical actions that can be taken into consideration are yoga, swimming, and walking.

  • Cutting down on the extra calories:

After calculating the total amount of calories required by the healthy body for mother and baby, daily calorie intake can be measured on an average. A pregnant woman is commonly advised to take at least 1,700 calories every day.

How to lose weight when pregnant

By calculating the daily intake of calories, one can count whether or not you are within the limit of the appropriate calorie count. It also aids in understanding the needs of the body of the pregnant woman herself.

  • Staying hydrated is the key:

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is very important. As your exercise more, drinking sufficient water also becomes essential. A pregnant woman must drink one to two litres of water daily.

How to lose weight when pregnant

It also helps prevent excessive food consumption as the water makes a pregnant woman feel full for a more considerable time.


the tips must be first consulted with the doctor or a medical professional before incorporating into the lifestyle as any changes can easily affect the child and mother’s health.

One must always remember not to cut down on the intake of calories in a drastic manner or exercise beyond limits. More focus must be put into understanding and focusing on weight management.

One should always aim to lose weight healthily and not create an adverse effect on the mother and child’s health.


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