COVID-19Grooming & Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Coronavirus

Grooming & Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Coronavirus

Everyone loves to look good and have a better personality. However, due to the pandemic COVID-19, all saloons and beauty parlors are closed, and people are not allowed to visit them. Hence those who love to have a perfect look need to groom themselves at home only.

Grooming & Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Coronavirus

For such people, it is necessary to know how to take care of their hair and look while they are at home only. They can do it themselves or take help of other people at home. Here are some options that can help them look charming even in lockdown.

Grooming & Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Coronavirus

  • Have a habit of handwash well:/li>

Getting prepared for the event is much needed for which one has to go for the makeup also. However, before touching anything or after touching any surface which may have got a virus, you must have a habit of washing hands with the help of a quality handwash. You need to keep washing hands for 20 seconds, which can help you keep the virus away. If you don’t have a good hand wash, you can also go for a quality soap for washing hands. Before going for touching the makeup kit or brush, it is required to wash your hands thoroughly. Once you have clean hands, you can wear gloves and go for makeup.

  • Use sanitizer regularly:/li>

The moment one clears a process for makeup, it is better to sanitize hands. This can help you as well as the concerned person to keep away from the corona infection. Sanitizer used here must be with at least 70% alcohol and not herbal, as herbal sanitizer cannot remove the virus effectively. You can also rely on sanitizer in case you don’t have a handwash or soap available. The best thing is you can carry your own bottle of sanitizer or avail it from anyone else also.

  • Use brushes after sanitization only:


For makeup, one has to use various brushes to apply different creams and powders. Before using any of the brush in any product or on the skin of the concerned person, you must sanitize them rightly. To clean brush, you can use alcohol or a quality sanitizer also. You need to develop a habit that before having a single stroke of brush you need to clean it thoroughly. It can be good if you use a disposable brush if you are dealing in a saloon. In case one wants to use the same brush on the same person again, still it is needed to sanitize it to be on the safe side.

  • Use creams with brush and not fingers:


It is a habit of many people to dip the fingers in cream or puff and apply it on the skin of the concerned person. In this phase, one must avoid such a habit as it can infect the cream with the virus. One must remember that the virus may live for a longer time on such a surface with moisture or cream. If one applies the same cream in the same manner to someone else, there can be a chance of spreading infection. Although there is no evidence that viruses can spread from the skin, but one may touch the skin, and it can lead to infection to other areas of the body. Hence one must use gloves and apply the cream. The gloves must also be changed regularly.

  • Don’t try makeup testers:


Makeup testing is a common practice at makeup parlors and showrooms. One must avoid this habit of testing as it may have a virus on it, and one can get the infection from the same. Even the brush and other tools of makeup testing may lead to spread, and therefore one must avoid it. The testers may be used by various people, and one cannot be sure about the cleaning of the same. In such circumstances, it is better to avoid and stay safe.

  • Use mask prudently:

It is said that everyone must wear a mask that can cover the mouth and nose. One can find ample options available in the market as far as masks are concerned. One needs to find the right quality mouth and use it prudently. If one goes to an area with a crowd, one must wear it. One must wear it while talking to others, but if one is at home and there is no one infected, he can keep the mask away. In the absence of a quality mask, one can use simple cotton cloth or handkerchief also to keep protected from the virus. If one is on a journey or moving on a two-wheeler, he must have a mask on his face.

For those who are in the fashion industry and need to use makeup for various events, these are some tips that can help them stay safe and away from coronavirus infection.


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