Double ChinFactors Affecting Double Chin And How To Get Rid Of It?

Factors Affecting Double Chin And How To Get Rid Of It?

Layers of fat deposition on the chin are commonly known as a double chin. It is the most common sign of weight gain or obesity in an individual

Getting rid of chin fat can be achieved by exercises, treatments, or a combination of both.

Factors Affecting Double Chin And How To Get Rid Of It?

Fat built up in the chin can be induced by a number of factors like loss of skin elasticity due to aging, improper diet leading to obesity, a wrong posture that can affect the muscle of the neck and the chin, and genetics of a person.

There are many simple exercises that are aimed at losing chin fat and the outcome of these exercises are targeted at the muscles of the chin and neck.

Factors Affecting Double Chin And How To Get Rid Of It?

However, as the norm suggests, having a warm-up session is absolutely crucial before starting off with the exercises.

To warm up the muscles, a rotational movement of the neck, forward and backward in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for a few turns is suggested.

The jaw is also stretched in a similar manner, moving it forward and then backwards in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Both the moves are to be repeated a number of times before returning the neck and the jaw muscle to the normal position.

  • Whistling at the ceiling is a very good exercise to tone the chin muscle. In this exercise, sitting with a straight back and relaxed shoulders are done first, the head is bent backward to stare at the ceiling, the lips are to be closed to mimic whistling in such a position that a stretch is felt.

Based on the comfort of the individual, the position is to be retained for 10-20 seconds and repeated for a minimum of 10 times in one sitting.

  • Kiss the sky is somewhat of a similar exercise with certain alterations. Instead of sitting, the person has to stand in a straight position and look at the sky by bending the head backward to mimic kissing the sky. The lips are to be puckered as far away as possible to feel a stretch by extending them away from the mouth as much as possible.

This flexes and comforts the muscle of the chin and the neck at the same time. The person should hold the position for 5-10 seconds, relax to return to a normal state and then repeat for 10-30 times during a single sitting.

Some more exercises other than the ones mentioned above include gum chewing, the lion’s yawn, the pouting stretch, and the ball squeeze.

Alternative approaches

Besides exercises, three are also a number of other procedures that shed the excess fat from the chin and neck area.

These options include face masks that can tone the skin and reduces the saggy look of the double chin.

Coffee, green tea, or glycerine face masks are known to be efficient in toning the muscles of the chin and the neck.

Other than the store-bought ones, a homemade mask of egg white, honey, and lemon juice also helps in the fat reduction of the chin area.

Double chin caused by obesity can be addressed by modification in diets. Cutting down on calorie consumption and eating high water content food helps in weight reduction. 

According to studies, individuals who drink more water and take a glass of water of each meal are more likely to lose weight compared to others.

There are certain surgical procedures too for those willing to see immediate results and get rid of their fatty chin.

Mesotherapy is a procedure in which a certain type of molecule is injected within the chin that can boost fat dissolution. This process can continue for up to six months, involving more than a hundred injections.

The risk factor associated with it is, if not executed correctly, it poses the risk of damaging the nerves.

A double chin can also be treated by liposculpting, in which the fat in the chin is suctioned out using a laser.

For skin sagginess caused by loss of skin elasticity in old age, It does not restore any elasticity and only aims at removing the fat.

The use of the Kybella drug is another option for remodeling the double chin. This drug is authorized for use in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

This also involves injections in the fat tissues of the chin and can take up to six sittings as one on a monthly basis.

A key point to remember is that although all of these treatment options are efficient in their own ways in sculpting a fatty chin, the condition can easily resurge back if healthy lifestyle choices are not adhered to.


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