COVID-19Coronavirus Tips: The Do's And Don'ts Of Social Distancing

Coronavirus Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Distancing

Are you taking all the precautionary measures to fight against COVID-19? There might be a few things you aren’t aware of, yet. Read on to check off all the necessary steps you need to start practicing right away.

Coronavirus Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Distancing

Social distancing is an effective control intervention to avoid or decrease the contact between those who are infected with any pathogen causing disease and those who are not affected. This also helps to slow down or to completely remove the transmission of highly spreading pandemic even from the community itself. As our country is fighting against COVID-19, social distancing is the only infection prevention method during this uncertain time.

Coronavirus Tips The Do's And Don'ts Of Social Distancing

The Do’s of Social Distancing

  • Take precautions and obey rules

Along with maintaining 6 feet distance from others, ensure that you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe. These include wearing masks to avoid transmission of infectious agents through the air, avoiding all kinds of physical contacts, and obliging to curfew set by the government.

  • Hygiene: personal and household

In the time of coronavirus, we should not overlook a habit as simple as this: maintaining personal hygiene.

Wash hands thoroughly, use spray disinfectants or hand sanitizers, wipe all the objects you mostly use, and keep your surroundings clean.

It is essential to living in a clean and organized space because a decluttered one can negatively impact your mental health.

  • Stay home

This is one of the most important things to follow as responsible citizens strictly.

Try working from home, attending classes online, and conducting webinars and conferences.

  • Stay hydrated

In this time, where we are all most prone to viruses, it is important to stay hydrated, which boosts our immunity system.

Do not go too long without water. If you’re going out, carry a water bottle with you and remind yourself to sip it now and then.

  • Eat properly

Do not skip meals. Your body needs energy right now. Ensure that you’re taking in foods that can provide your body with an adequate amount of nutrients.

  • Exercise

Along with eating right, your body must get adequate exercise. Find time to do some of your favorite workouts, and do it consistently.

Exercising can not only enhance physical health but can also have a significant positive impact on mental health. You’ll be much more lively and happier once you begin to exercise.

  • Sleep well

Sleep is an essential factor for your well-being. Be sure to sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

Sleep quality is equally important. Try not to sleep right after checking your mobile phones. Studies have suggested that listening to music and reading a book before sleeping can improve sleep quality.

  • Go digital

Unless the meeting is crucial to be conducted in person, choose online ways for meetings and conferences.

Grocery shopping can also be done online. Inform the delivery person to leave the package at the door. Clean the handle or the package before you lay your hands on it.

If there is a need for you to go shopping, consider non-peak timings where crowd level is at its minimum.

  • Make use of your free time

Revisit an activity that you loved once but did not get time to follow up. Use this time wisely to learn a new skill such as learning a new language, cooking, or stitching.

Subscribe to online classes on the internet.

The Don’ts of Social Distancing

  • Don’t go out unnecessarily.

Think twice before you step out. Stay home if it is not necessary. Avoid scheduling appointments that are not necessary.

  • Don’t go to crowded areas.

Avoid crowded areas. If you want to go shopping, try going during non-peak times when the crowd level is minimum.

Avoid conducting parties and gatherings.

Avoid physical contact with non-family members.

The best thing to achieve this is not to invite non-family members to your home. Even if they come, wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Avoid all kinds of physical contact. Please provide them with hand sanitizers before they enter your home.

  • Don’t get your kids to play with other kids.

Kids might not abide by the rules like adults; simply because they’re not likely to remember all of it. Hence, do not send your kids to other kids’ homes. Do not invite them to your place either.

  • Don’t hoard supplies.

Hoarding supplies like sanitizers, wet wipes, masks, etc. can create unnecessary tension leaving behind inadequate supplies for those in need.

Buy supplies only according to your need. Remember that those are meant to be used by a large number of people. And if you buy more than half of it, the others will be left in vain.

  • Don’t go on vacation.

Well, we all know that this is not the best time to travel. Tell your family members not to come up with unnecessary travel plans.

If there is an emergency, take all the precautionary measures when you travel.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Alcohol and smoking can significantly reduce mental health. There will come a point where you cannot live without these two; which is a dangerous situation.

It is best to avoid alcohol, smoking, and other tobacco products in the time of coronavirus. These can affect your health also. And what you need right now is a healthy immune system.

  • Don’t spend too much watching the news and television shows.

Reduce screen time. Watching news can result in a disturbed mind, and binge-watching television shows are no good either. Find activities that do include negativity and mobile phones.

  • Don’t believe in myths and misconceptions.

There is a lot of fake news circulating through social media right now. Cross-check whether it is accurate before you share it with others.

Fake news can create unnecessary tension and is unhealthy.

  • Don’t lose hope.

Lastly, but most importantly, do not lose hope. We all need to stay strong in these difficult times. All we can do is take all the precautionary measures and prevent the transmission of infections. Keep yourself and others around you safe.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ~ Anne Frank.


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