ArthritisMost Common Symptoms And Causes Of Arthritis You Need To Know!

Most Common Symptoms And Causes Of Arthritis You Need To Know!

Arthritis is a disorder in joints that causes swelling, stiffness, and pain in one or more joints. Types of arthritis exceed more than 100, but some common forms are Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It causes tenderness and produces difficulty in mobility. It can be mild or severe and increases its severity with age. The inflammation in joints worsens after a long time, and it can even make a person unable to perform daily activities.

Most Common Symptoms And Causes Of Arthritis!

Osteoarthritis causes pain in cartilages around the joints of bones. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis is a joint disorder in which the immune system of the body attack on the joints. In both conditions, there is aching and swelling around joints. It grows over time, but it can also show instant symptoms.

It happens to people of older age but can also happen to children and adults. There are many diseases associated with arthritis. Some other types of arthritis are reactive arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, and much infectious arthritis. But all arthritis shows the common symptom that is a pain in joints.

Most Common Symptoms And Causes Of Arthritis

Common Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis shows symptoms of inflammation and tenderness in joints that lead to improper function of joints. But along with that, some other prominent symptoms are also visible.

  • Patients having arthritis have heavy pain in the area of joints.
  • Redness and swelling in the joints are clearly seen as a symptom of arthritis.
  • Stiffness and locking of joints affect the mobility of a person.
  • Limping and decreased range of motion are also visible in patients of arthritis.
  • Weight-bearing joints of a person weaken in this condition.

Different types of arthritis show various symptoms. Many other symptoms include weight loss, fatigue, fever, abnormalities in different organs like lungs, heart, etc.

Causes of Arthritis

There are several reasons responsible for arthritis. Arthritis has various types, so the cause also varies a lot. Confirmation of the emergence of arthritis is not possible. Some of the most common causes of arthritis are enlisted below.

Unhealthy diet and food structure

Most people get attracted to unhealthy food for its taste but often forget the side effects that come along with the food. More fat and calories in the diet increase weight. Excessive weight puts pressure on the joints, which results in pain and swelling with the age and increase in weight. Obese people also have higher chances of getting arthritis. Some animal-derived foods and foods with maximum sugar cause inflammation and worsen the symptoms more by stimulating the immune system. Nutritional foods are highly necessary for the body. However, certain food intolerance or sensitivity can also cause arthritis.


Various forms of infectious arthritis happen because of the microbial agents that provoke infection in the joints and support in developing the microbes and infect many more joints. These infections spread from one joint to another, causing more pain throughout the body.

Inheritance of arthritis

Arthritis is also a genetic disease. Genes associated with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or systemic lupus erythematosus have a higher chance of having one of them. If a certain kind of arthritis is running in your family, your genes may have the factors that can trigger arthritis in your body.

Injuries in joints

Previous joint injuries, while playing or doing any activity, can lead to osteoarthritis in that particular joint. Joint injuries are very common, but it is important to notice the damage it has caused in the joints.


Some occupations require work, which includes continuous squatting and knee bending. Repeatedly bending knee applies pressure on the joints and cartilages, which leads to break down easily. Squatting also leads to wear and tear of joints, which cause severe pain in the area of joints.

Other factors

Ageing is also a factor of arthritis. People above 50 years of age have pain in joints due to wear and tear of joints. It is also true that women have higher chances of getting rheumatoid arthritis than men, whereas men are likely to get gout- arthritis formed due to excessive uric acid.

Preventing arthritis is the best way of dealing with it. By controlling diet, exercise, weight loss, and natural therapies, one can control the basic level of arthritis. It can even heal and soothe your pain. Severe arthritis needs treatment to reduce the symptoms. Those treatments may include medications, patient awareness and support, joints or splints supporting aids, professional therapies, joint replacement surgery or other surgeries, etc. One should not hesitate or panic before going for treatment. It will only support you for getting better.

Arthritis is a painful condition and can cause severe damage by restricting your ability to move. It should not be ignored at the initial stage. The more you understand your condition, the more it will be helpful for your treatment.


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