Hair CareWhat Are The Common Hair Problems Affected?

What Are The Common Hair Problems Affected?

Hair is more of an organ to us and that is why we face confusion, disappointment, stylish and confidence in the way we take care and carry our hair. Rather than being a decorative part of our body, the hair plays an important role from birth to death.

What Are The Common Hair Problems Affected?

There are two categories of people: the first category belongs to those who take immense care of their hair and the second category belongs to those who try to maintain the hair as it is.

What Are The Common Hair Problems Affected?

The fact is that nobody would want to be bald irrespective of the category they belong to. So there are some common hair problems that can make you go bald and give extreme disappointment. Let us discuss those problems here in the article.


Common Hair Problems and Causes


Head lice

One of the most common hair problems that can even become contagious and itching on the scalp is a usual symptom of a head lice attack.

The lice (Pediculosis Capitis) a tiny insect-like creature that feeds on human blood. The lice on your head suck the blood from the head, which causes itching all over the scalp. When you keep itching your hair for a long, it can cause scratches and scars which in turn causes other infections.

The female lice lay eggs and give birth to another louse. These insects usually hide inside the hair but they are capable of living outside the head such as in hairbrushes, towels, furniture, etc.

Solution: Use over- the- counter shampoos and conditioners while bathing, use medicated oil or capsules as directed, wash towels and clothes in hot water and avoid sharing personal objects like towels, comb, soap, and any other cloth material type objects where lice can possibly stay.



Dandruff or Seborrheic dermatitis is the common condition in which the skin on the scalp flakes to form tiny particles that stick to the scalp, and the skin behind the ears. Dandruff is usually caused by a poor diet, infections, or inactive metabolism.

The condition can get worse due to improper shampoo wash, high stress, and may be due to the weather in winters. Though this is not a serious condition, it can cause irritations and sometimes can be visible. 

Solution: Mild dandruff usually responds to home remedies or it can be cured using high-quality anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, within a short period of time. Whereas severe dandruff cannot be treated easily and will take years to get rid of. In such cases, get medical help immediately. 

Hair loss (Alopecia Areata)

Sometimes the immune system of our body stops hair growth without any particular reason. Hair loss can happen in different patterns and it can include not just the loss of hair from the scalp but also from other parts of the body.

Genetical or environmental changes can be the cause of such patterned hair loss. In women, hair loss can happen after menopause or this can also be inherited. In women, this kind of hair loss can happen in the form of balding, which is due to sexual steroids like androgens.

Solution: In certain cases, this hair loss will automatically stop after a particular point in time. In other cases, you can use nutrient-rich hair oil, hair loss preventive shampoo, and conditioners and also limit the use of electronic devices such as hair straighteners or blow dryers.

Split ends

Split ends are the condition in which the ends of the hair start becoming dry, brittle, resulting in the splitting up of hair ends. This is mostly seen in those who use extreme heating techniques like straightening and blowdrying. It can also be caused by climatic conditions and by the use of low-quality chemical substances. This usually affects females with longer hair than males.

Solution: Once you get split ends, there is not an effective solution that chopping it off. So that the hair can grow healthy. The split ends in the hair can cause hair breakage no matter how hard you try to fix it.

Frizzy and dry hair

Your hair can become dry and frizzy due to the lack of moisturizing elements on your hair. Frizzy hair can also be hereditary but dry hair is often caused by excess shampooing without a conditioner. Hair can become dry while traveling when exposed to dust particles.

Solution: The use of a gentle shampoo can make the hair look shiny and smooth. Give a good shower to the hair 3 days a week using an acidic shampoo with ph levels 5 and 6.


Hair issues differ from person to person since the way people take care of their hair is different. Here we have discussed major and most common hair problems faced by the majority of men and women and also about immediate solutions you have, to get rid off of the common hair problems. Healthy hair not only makes you look beautiful but also makes you look confident and stylish. So try to have a little time for your hair.


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