Kidney HealthCheck Your Kidney Function At Home With Test-Kits!

Check Your Kidney Function At Home With Test-Kits!

The kidneys are a very important organ of our body. They filter all sorts of toxins out of the body. But kidney problems are increasingly becoming a major issue worldwide.

Check Your Kidney Function At Home With Test-Kits!

More than 37 million Americans suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and it is the 9th top reason for death in the USA. But nearly half of these people suffering from CKD do not realize their problem until very late when the disease has already progressed and is difficult to treat.

Check Your Kidney Function At Home With Test-Kits

Why is CKD hard to detect- 

  • Early-stage CKD does not have any significant symptoms
  • CKD in the early stages is usually detected by accident when patients visit the physician for other health issues. Diabetes and CKD are closely related, so patients who get diagnosed with diabetes are often tested for kidney diseases as well. Persistent high blood pressure levels are also a cause of CKD. 
  • If CKD is not detected early, it develops into full-blown kidney failure- which requires kidney transplant and dialysis. Kidney failure can also be fatal in many cases
  • Blood and urine tests from medical laboratories are the most accurate method to test kidney function. But due to financial or social constraints, many people are unable to get tested regularly. 
  • So now, some companies have developed at-home kits which can be used to test kidney function. If any discrepancies are noticed, patients can visit the doctor immediately and treat the disease at an early stage.
How do kidney function tests work?

There are many different tests that check the different parameters of kidney function. GFR or Glomeruli Filtration Rate is the primary test for kidney function. Doctors also test for the presence of proteins in the urine.

If proteins are present, it suggests that the kidneys are not functioning properly. Doctors then test for the albumin to creatinine ratio in the urine to get a clear picture of the level of deterioration in kidney function. 

Some of the best at-home kits to check your kidney health: Kits from Walk-in-Lab

This company provides a large variety of kidney function test home kits. There are 24-hour creatinine clearance tests, potassium blood tests, comprehensive metabolic panels, albumin serum tests, sodium urine tests, Vitamin D tests, and many more.

The kit comes with all the necessary instructions and equipment to take the tests. Urine tests and blood spot tests can be done by the customer themselves. But for tests that require a blood draw, patients can book an appointment at nay nearby Walk-in Labs facility, or they can book a trained sample collector to visit their home and take their blood.

All collected sample is sent back to Walk-in Labs with the pre-prepared mailing envelope and results are available within 24 to 48 hours. 

Kits from Healthy. io

These kits were developed in association with the National Kidney Foundation Early Detection service. But the at-home kidney test kits of this brand are not available for sale for individual customers.

The doctor has to request it for a patient. The kit tests urine samples. The kit is sent to the patient with a special collection cup, a dipstick, and a color board.

Patients also need to download an app that has all the instructions provided. Patients collect the sample in the collection cup and then put the dipstick in it according to instructions.

Then they have to place their dipstick on the color board that is provided and take a scanned picture and uploads it to the app.

The results are analyzed in a HIPAA-approved portal and the patient’s doctor is informed of any abnormalities. 

Pixel kit by LabCorp

LabCorp’s best product is their comprehensive Kidney Health Test Package that measures a number of different kidney parameters to give a picture of the overall health of the kidneys.

Patients require doctor’s orders to book these test kits. Urine samples can be collected at home, but for tests that require blood draws, patients need to visit a LabCorp lab. There are 36 LabCorp locations across the country.

The doctor receives the test results, but in case the reports are alarming and require immediate action, LabCorp contacts the patient directly. 

CKD is hard to detect. But regular health check-ups and at-home testing is making it much easier to spot and treat.

Regular check-ups and controlling diabetes and blood pressure levels are essential for kidney health. It is important to remember that a good life is possible only with the support of good health. 


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