PandemicCan Wearing Face Masks Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

Can Wearing Face Masks Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

The coronavirus has spread across countries, and everyone is looking out for ways to stop its spread. In this regard, the most common suggestion given by the health department and various governments across the world is to use face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But there is no concrete evidence to suggest that this move can stop the spread of the virus into the community.

Can Wearing Face Masks Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

However, it can prevent the spread of the virus to some extent when it is combined with other safety measures like maintaining physical distance when you are in crowded areas and keeping your hands clean. Let us take a look at different aspects surrounding the use of face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


How Does The Virus Spread From One Person To Another?

To begin with, you need to understand how the coronavirus spreads in the community. It is known to affect the respiratory organs. The virus can become airborne when the infected person sneezes or coughs. When the droplets fall on any surface, the virus can stay active for many hours in some cases depending on temperature, humidity, and other factors.

When other people touch such surfaces, the virus can get into their body. However, by washing hands and using other sanitizing methods, the virus can be killed even before it enters the body. The virus has more chances of getting inside the body by way of people touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with their hands that are not cleaned after getting in contact with the virus.

The mask is believed as a layer that can help one keep away from spreading the virus when he coughs or sneezes. Usually, it is not recommended to wear a mask, but when one comes close to someone, it is required to cover the nose and mouth with a mask so that the virus cannot enter these sensitive areas.

Which Masks Are Good For You?

There is a big debate about the quality of masks available in the market. Right from surgical masks that provide complete protection to homemade masks that offer basic protection, everything is trending in the market. Remember that surgical masks are the best option when it comes to superior quality protection.

After that, you can use the N-95 masks and other similar options available in the market. When nothing else is available, you can stick to using the homemade masks that can at least prevent some particles from entering into your nose and mouth.

In short, everything depends on the availability of masks in your region and your budget to use such masks. As per the latest research, the virus can be spread by eyes also and hence one needs to wear glasses or shields that can keep the virus away from eyes.

Why Should You Not Use Surgical Masks?

Even though surgical masks are the best when it comes to preventing virus transmission, it is not for everyone. The main reason for this is the huge shortage of such masks in the current situation when the entire world is fighting this dreaded virus.

In many places, doctors and medical staff are not able to get surgical masks. In this situation, you should leave such professional gear to the medical team and stick to using other face masks available in your region.

Remember that doctors and medical staff are under high risk and you should extend your cooperation by not using surgical masks unless you are working in a hospital. A normal cloth, handkerchief, or any piece of cloth can help you cover your nose and mouth to stay protected also.

Use Homemade Masks

As the virus has affected billions of people across the world, there is a huge shortage of face masks. In this situation, many governments are suggesting people to use face masks made with material available at home. In this way, the spread of viruses can be prevented to some extent when people are living in crowded areas.

Things You Need To Do Along With Using Face Masks

Remember that using a face mask alone is not enough even when you are using the best quality surgical masks. You should also practice social distancing to the maximum possible extent and clean your hands regularly.

It is best to avoid crowded areas until the spread of the virus is contained to some extent across the world. Apart from that, it is also essential to eat healthy food that can boost your immunity as this is the only thing that will come to your rescue in case you get infected with this coronavirus.

To summarize, it is safe to assume that wearing face masks can at least prevent the spread of viruses in most cases. There is no guarantee that it will completely stop the spread, but it can at least reduce the chances of the virus spreading from one person to another in the community.


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