ArthritisWhat Are Bow Legs, And What Causes Bow Legs In Adults?

What Are Bow Legs, And What Causes Bow Legs In Adults?

Many people have this condition where ankles touch each other, but the knee remains apart. It gives a bow-like structure in the lower part of the body. It commonly starts from childhood, and due to negligence, it develops into a deformity.

What Are Bow Legs?

Bowlegs is a deformity in the posture where legs of a person bow out like a curve leaving a gap between the knees. Other names of bowlegs are tibia vara or genu varum. Generally, it happens after the infancy period, and in some people, it cures itself with time. A person having bow legs should look for underlying reasons first. The idea can also be diseases like rickets and Blount’s disease, which occurs due to deficiency of vitamin D in the body.

bow legs

Bowlegs is a bone deformity that may cause arthritis in the hips and knee region. These abnormalities happen in newborn babies because of their awkward position in the womb of the mother. But it automatically heals as they start walking. If the position of legs remains the same after growing up, then it is a serious concern. Consult a doctor for treatment. The treatment has various options like braces, surgery, or casts.

Correcting bowlegs becomes highly important as it may damage the knee because of the unbalanced load it suffers. Even a little abnormal movement of feet can torque the knee as well. Functions of leg work fine if bowlegs are corrected. Treating bowlegs earlier can help in controlling future knee replacement surgery. Body posture will improve after bowlegs treatment.

Causes of Bowlegs In Adults

  • Development of legs normally

    After staying cramped in the mother’s womb, an infant may have bowed legs. But it is quite normal, and it recovers gradually after some time. When a baby starts walking, the legs become stronger, and the skeleton develops inside. A proper observation about the alignment of the bone is necessary for infants. It will help them to have better posture and knee movement. If the bone deformity does not heal in childhood, it stays for entire life.

    • Rickets


      Rickets is a rare condition that can create irregularity in bone structure. It generally happens due to the deficiency of certain nutrients in the diet. These nutrients ensure better health of bone and bone development. Some of these nutrients are vitamin D, Phosphorus, calcium, etc. By consuming fortified food in the diet, rickets can be easily eliminated.

      • Blount’s disease


        Blount’s disease is a serious condition in which the shin bone or tibia of a person develops abnormally. It creates a curve between knees and feet. It worsens when a person begins to walk. The growth plate above the shin bone in Blount’s disease will not be cured naturally as it is very different from the normal development of legs. It will require proper treatment for curing it.

        • D


          p>The most common factor of dwarfism is a bone disorder, which can eventually lead to bowed legs. This condition is also called achondroplasia. Many people who are dwarf also have this deformity in the bone.

          • P

            Paget’s disease

            p>It is a metabolic disorder that adversely affects the creation and breaking of a bone. When a bone breaks, it does not rebuild in the same manner as it was earlier. The bones lack strength, and as a result, it leads to bowlegs and joint problems. It is majorly common in older people, and easy treatment is possible if diagnosed earlier.

            • Ost


              The common factor of bowing in the legs is to wear and tear of arthritis knees. Osteoarthritis is mostly seen in adults. The support of joints of the knees and cartilage decreases in this condition. If it defects the inner joints of the knee, bowed leg deformity also progresses. It causes severe pain in using legs.

              • Var

                Various other causes

                If fractured bones do not heal well, it can give a bow-like structure to legs. Lead and Fluoride poisoning are also reasons for bowed legs. If bones develop abnormally, it can also cause this posture deformity.

                Early diagnosis of bowlegs can help in preventing it, and treatment also becomes easier in such cases. Diagnosis can be made through x-ray or by observing the way of walking. There are several shows that aid in treating bowed legs. Braces and casts also help in curing this deformity. Surgeries also prove helpful in removing the abnormalities in the bone.

                Preventing conditions that cause bowlegs will prevent you from many bone diseases. Getting a proper amount of Vitamin D can prevent rickets. Try eating food that has balanced nutrients that help in bone development. Perform exercises that aid in improving balance in bone and hold postures that will gradually lessen the bone deformity.

                All these facts will help you to understand the reasons for bowlegs formation and try conducting activities that will reduce it. Consult a doctor if you have this bone deformity.


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