Stretching ExercisesBest 5 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Flexibility & Health!

Best 5 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Flexibility & Health!

Yoga is a union of physical and mental health practices that were initiated long back in Indian philosophy. It is a way of relaxing the body by postures, meditation, and breathing techniques. These practices are now performed all over the world for the betterment of health and mental peace. The poses of yoga control the mind and maintain the healthy functioning of the body. There are various branches of yoga- some relating to physical development while others related to meditation.

Best 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Flexibility

Yoga is a practice of holding a posture. So, injuries in yoga are very infrequent and rare. People often believe that the performance of yoga needs flexibility, whereas the situation is completely opposite. Yoga makes a person more flexible and healthier. Stretching the body for yoga exercises will help to maintain the poses. It may seem difficult at starting to maintain a certain pose. But after regular practice, it will not be difficult anymore.

best yoga poses for flexibility

The main component of fitness is flexibility. The stretching body relaxes all the tension of the body. Proper alignment of the body removes the chances of occurrence of injuries. It is highly beneficial for those persons who cannot practice high-intensity workouts. Most patients having health problems perform yoga for their health betterment. It is also good for any generation of people. It is also relevant in different toning sections of the body.


Here are certain best 5 Yoga poses to improve your flexibility.

  1. Leaned back with hands and big toe pose (SuptaPadangusthasana)/li>

In this pose, try keeping your legs straight and start with lifting the legs. You can use a strap around the lifted leg or any belt to hold your legs in place.

  • Lay on the back with knees scrunched up and soles of feet touching the floor flat.
  • Hold your knees tightly towards the chest. Take a yoga toe grip or any strap around your soles of feet.
  • Try extending the right leg in the direction of the ceiling. Straighten your leg up.
  • Place your left leg flat on the ground and place a hand above so that it will remind you not to raise it along with the right leg.
  • Hold it for some time, and it is okay if your knee bends initially. Wait until your right thigh bone settles into the hip socket.
  • When you stretch, make sure your hip remains grounded to the floor.
  • Practice it with your left leg also and repeat it after 10 to 20 breaths.
  1. Downward dog position (AdhoMukhaSvanasana)/li>

This pose is extremely beneficial in strengthening calves of the legs as well as hamstrings of the body.

  • Place your knees and hands on the ground. Then raise your knees while pushing the feet a little bit backward.
  • While lifting your seat towards the ceiling, straighten your legs with complete stretching.
  • Then try pedaling your feet one after another. Use one foot at a time.
  • Give all the strength on palms. Push it to the floor as the legs pedal.
  • Balance the body to maintain the posture of inverted V.
  1. Posing like Half Moon (ArdhaChandrasana)/li>

Half-moon pose is all about the balance of the body while improving the hips, ribs, hamstrings, and chest of the body. In case of any difficulty for performing it, one can perform trikonasana or triangular pose. It is the best substitute for this pose with a little bit of ease.

  • Stand straight on the floor. Bend yourself towards the ground.
  • Slowly raise your left leg backward in the air while your right foot is still on the ground.
  • Try to place your right hand on the ground so that it is just a few inches apart from the right leg.
  • Raise your fingertips to maintain the balance. The more you will stretch the more flexibility your body will have.
  • After that, try it with your other leg and maintain the position until ten breaths.
  1. The pyramid-like pose (Parsvottanasana)/li>

The pose like a pyramid is very good for building up the core strength as well as flexing the hips and legs of the body.

  • Stand straight with one leg ahead of another leg. Put your right leg forward and left leg backward.
  • Then slowly bend your hands and face but do not bend your knees. Place your hands on the ground and face near right knee.
  • Legs should remain straight with hips facing upward. After holding it for a few breaths, try with another leg too.
  1. Garland pose (Malasana)/li>

Squatting helps in making legs and thighs stronger. It is a pose similar to squatting.

  • Sit in a squat position with feet 11 inches apart.
  • Bring your hands near your knees and join it near the chest area. Gently use elbows for pushing knees apart.

Rushing to fit into a yoga pose will not help you. Stay calm, and do not expect any overnight changes. It will take time, but slowly you will get all poses correctly, and the body will improve its flexibility.


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