ManifestationBest Manifestation Courses: Top 5!

Best Manifestation Courses: Top 5!

The rediscovery of the law of attraction set off a revolution in self-help courses, webinars, and training. The essence of the law of attraction is that we attract what we put our minds to, on what we focus. The law of attraction went on to suggest we can manifest the things, wishes, and success of our dreams by just asking for them.

Then, as millions of people tried the apparently simple task of trying out the law of attraction to attract wealth, success, and the general good things of life, people began to find out that it isn’t so easy and that we need to believe that we are worthy of what we are asking for to be able to manifest them. There is much more and the act of manifestation is a science that takes into account several skills such as programming the subconscious, neuro-linguistic programming, and creating abundance. 


What Are The Best Manifestation Courses?

There are now several courses by experts in the field that take participants through a 6 to 8-week course of trials, tests, audio and video sessions, checklists, and even one-to-one training. The best manifestation courses presently available mostly online have been listed below


1️⃣ Magic in Your Mind

One of the best courses is entitled ‘Magic in your mind’ and is conducted by the famous trainer and motivational speaker Bob Proctor along with copartner and trainer Sandy Gallagher. The course is designed to systematically take back control of the mind and change the mindset. The course includes live tutorials by Bob Proctor, daily video lessons and exercises with Sandy Gallagher, and access to other participants and useful exchanges with them. 

2️⃣ The Law of Attraction 101 by Mind Movies

The law of Attraction 101 by Mind movies is another good course. The course contains 7 videos and 7 worksheets that need to be worked out and completed. This course covers the basics of the law of attraction and how it can be done in a very relaxing, laid-back, and easy-to-understand approach. There is no targeted duration and participants can go through the worksheets and exercises at their own pace. Many courses contain a lot of material and the course facilitators tend to rush participants through the program and it does not benefit everyone.

3️⃣ Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews

The next on the list of good manifesting courses is the Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews. This course is also easy to understand and practice and focuses on Destiny Tuning. This course is unique in that destiny tuning focuses on fine-tuning the energy frequency of the participants so that their minds can match the things they want to manifest in their lives. This course contains the manifestation miracle manual and its audio version, the unlimited success mind tracks collection, chapter recap videos, the abundance success workbook, a video of the monkey mind flood system, the love and happiness audio track, and the books ‘Health vitality and Disease Reversal’ and ‘How to Reboot your metabolism’.

4️⃣ No-BS Manifesting Course

The No-BS Manifesting Course is another good manifesting course and this one focuses on brain science and the subconscious mind. The course includes listening to self-hypnosis audios and easy-to-perform exercises. The course consists of the no-BS manifesting guide, the manifesting autopilot hypnosis audio, listen-along manifesting audio, the manifesting movie, the manifestation conversation, and the 5 step manifestation check sheet. This course provides bonus material including the videos ‘Manifesting with Carl Harvey’ and ‘Ask, believe, receive’, A short guide to Releasing, and a 5 step manifesting music album. The bonus material provided with the course includes hypnosis material such as the ‘ultimate law of attraction hypnosis bundle’ and ‘Become a law of attraction magnet with Hypnosis’. 

5️⃣ Unlimited Abundance by Christie Mary Sheldon

One of the best manifestation courses is Unlimited Abundance by Christie Mary Sheldon who is an intuitive energy healer and conducts the course herself. The course is centered on the concept of using energy to clear abundance blocks. The course is conducted through audio sessions and clearing sessions. The course includes 24 energy clearing sessions, a session on clearing past beliefs and Fundamental Beliefs, and a meditation guide entitled 24 hours of love above. There is a lot to learn in this session and participants are provided access to a Facebook community of people involved with Christie Marie Sheldon.


Conclusion:ing courses may be tried out. They provide a wonderful insight into this science of the mind that can improve lives for the people who set out into this exciting adventure of mastering the mind.           


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