Back PainBest 5 Home Remedies For Fast Back Pain Relief - Healing Hacks!

Best 5 Home Remedies For Fast Back Pain Relief – Healing Hacks!

Back pain is the most common type of pain that everyone suffers at least once in a lifetime. It is physical discomfort that lowers the ability to perform work. Many people take leaves from work only because of pain in the spine and back area. However, lower back pain is a bit different. This back pain includes vertebrae, bony lumbar spine, ligaments surrounding disks, spinal cord, and muscles near lumbar. The reasons for upper back pain are aorta disorders and spine inflammation.

Home Remedies For Back Pain

The back of a human being is a complicated structure that involves the spine, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and disks. It supports the entire body to provide ease in mobility. If pain happens in any of these components, the whole back gets affected.

Best 5 Home Remedies For Fast Back Pain Relief

Strain in muscles or bad posture is also a reason for back pain. Any problem in the structure of these components is one of the biggest causes of pain in the back. Rupture in disks, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many more can cause this pain.

Preventing the occurrence of back pain is very wise, but if it does not happen, treating it can solve the problem. Back pain is not that severe. Generally, medications from a doctor are not required. Home remedies are the best way to heal back pain.

Here are the Best 5 Home remedies for fast relief ol>
  • Foods that soothe the pain:
  • Consuming drinks that have anti-inflammatory properties can help in releasing the tension in muscles. Various food items having an adequate amount of antioxidants also remove the stress in the muscles of the body. An alkaline diet like foods that are low in magnesium, calcium, and potassium also heals low back pain internally. There are various herbs also that cure the pain like willow bark and devil’s claw. Finding herbs can be difficult. But anti-inflammatory drinks can be made at home easily with fewer ingredients. Some of the drinks include

    • Ginger green tea: It is an infused herbal drink with pain-relieving qualities of ginger and green tea. Drinking this tea on a constant basis can reduce back pain.
    • Turmeric milk: Turmeric milk is an anti-inflammatory drink that helps in reducing inflammation reaction of the body. Turmeric has many benefits. Adding turmeric to warm milk with a little bit of honey can relax the body from pain. If someone is intolerant of dairy products, he can try plant-based milk.
    • Tart cherry juice: Cherry juice has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Juices that contain tart cherry extracts relieve the pain in muscles and soothe chronic pain too.
    1. Stretching the body with yoga poses: 

    Stretching the body helps in relaxing muscle pain as well as improves the body movement. Yoga is highly effective as it improves body flexibility and blood circulation that supports healing back pain. There are various yoga poses that stretch your body. The regular practice of these poses will show effective results.

    • Toes touching pose: It improves the hamstring strength and stretches the back. Bend your back forward. Extend hands and try touching the toes. If it is difficult initially, then try as much as possible. Slowly you will notice relief from pain.
    • Cat-cow pose: Bend your knees and hands touching the floor. After that, slowly raise your back towards the ceiling and then dip it towards the floor. The back movement will stretch the muscles.
    • Cobra pose: Lay down on the floor with your back upwards. Your stomach should touch the floor. Then slowly raise your head and upper body backward with lower body touching the ground. Do it for a few seconds and then release it. This pose can also show instant results.
    1. Using cold and heating pad:

    Applying a heating pad or ice packs can soothe the muscles of back by relaxing it. Ice packs can give instant relief. You can purchase ice packs from stores. You can also create it at home by adding ice in a plastic bag with a little amount of rubbing alcohol. Place the plastic bag in the refrigerator for 2 hours then apply it on the back.

    A heating pad helps in releasing pain from achy and stiff muscles. Follow the temperature instructions carefully. You can make a heating pad with uncooked rice in a cloth bag and then microwave it.

    1. Get good sleep:

    Disturbances in sleep produce stress that is one of the reasons for back pain. Good and restful sleep lessens the pain of sore back. It heals the pain as well as makes you refreshed and less stressed. The more sleep cycle is improved, the more it reduces pain.

    1. Avoid the wrong posture:

    Bad posture stresses the muscles causing pain in the back. Excessive sitting or doing activities adds pressure to the body. Try changing postures and footwear like heels that add tension to your back.

    After following all these remedies, if back pain remains, consult a specialist for proper treatment.


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