Male EnhancementBest Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Without Medicine?

Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Without Medicine?

For a man, the desire for sex is much natural. One who lacks this desire may doubt his manhood, and if due to any reason the penis does not get a full and long-lasting erection, one may feel much worried. He needs to go for the option that can help him overcome this situation.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Without Medicine?

One can find many options that can lead to having a better erection and happy partner after a great moment of lovemaking. Natural herbs and remedies are one of the best treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. Even though natural remedies are safe, one must be cautious, and they should understand it better before using the same. Specific natural cures, when followed improperly, may lead to side effects.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

What is ED?

ED or erectile dysfunction can be understood as a condition where men are unable to achieve erectile enough for sexual intercourse. As per ED Elixir review, when a man is suffering from ED, he falls into embarrassment and a deep level of insecurity because of his inability to perform sexual drive. But, there is nothing to worry about since there are several treatments, medications, and therapies available to prevent and treat ED.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

There are plenty of natural remedies for ED, and all of them are derived from herbs and plants. Let us discuss the natural remedies which are in use in certain cultures from thousands of years. Even though there are significantly fewer studies conducted on natural cures, they are mostly safe and effective when used in moderate quantities.


L-arginine is proved to have improved erectile dysfunction. Then how does L-arginine achieves this? It opens up the blood vessels more comprehensive, and that results in expected blood flow to all the organs in the body, including the penis. The best thing about the natural remedy L-arginine is, it is entirely safe when consumed as per directions. In some people, it may result in nausea, diarrhea, and cramps. But, the most important thing men should remember is, they should never consume L-arginine along with any other prescription medication or Viagra for ED.


Several studies have proved that propionyl-L-carnitine when combined along with Viagra, results in significant improvements in erectile function. The results are much better when compared to the same as just consuming Viagra. When Propionyl-L-carnitine used in moderation and under supervision, it is entirely safe.


Ginkgo is another natural remedy for increasing blood in the body, especially to the penis. Ginkgo helps in enhancing sexual desire as well. But, if consumed in higher doses, Ginkgo may result in bleeding. Hence people suffering from bleeding disorders should never go for this natural remedy. Apart from that, for men who are already using blood thinners, Ginkgo is not recommended.


You may find many types of Ginseng. The good news is, most of them show up positive effect on erectile dysfunction. When consumed in improper doses, Ginseng may result in insomnia.


Yohimbine is one of the significant components derived from African tree bark. If you have erectile dysfunction, which is the result of some medication like an antidepressant, then Yohimbine is the best remedy for you. When taken in moderate quantities under supervision, Yohimbine can result in the best effects. The common side effects of this natural remedy are increased blood pressure and anxiety.

Lifestyle changes

Apart from depending on herbal and plant-based natural remedies, erectile dysfunction can also be treated by lifestyle changes.

  • You can find the best results and improved erectile function through regular exercises. Along with treating erectile dysfunction, an exercise routine can also offer enhanced overall health. Improved blood flow, blood pressure, and overall health will prevent the risks of ED.
  • Along with the following exercise routine, a balanced diet also can have the best results on ED. Eating nutritious food daily reduces clogged arteries, heart diseases, and even diabetes which are some of the major causes behind ED.


It is easy to depend on medications for treating ED. But when there are natural remedies available with less or no side effects, it is better to rely on them. Along with following some natural remedies make proper lifestyle changes, and that helps in improved erectile function and prevents the risks associated with ED.


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