Beauty & FitnessBest Bronzers For Fair Skin To Look Natural - Check Them Out!

Best Bronzers For Fair Skin To Look Natural – Check Them Out!

Do you have a fair skin tone and get tan easily while stepping out in the sun? Well, this is the problem with all fair skin tone people. So, their go-to makeup solution is applying bronzer. Yes, that not just brightens up the skin but also makes you feel more sun-kissed.

Best Bronzers For Fair Skin To Look Natural

The Best Bronzers For Fair Skin Tone

Nailing the right bronzer for your fair skin can be quite challenging. Either it would be too light or too dark—both ways in which your skin would look not natural. 

You would not want to dust your face with a bronzer that makes your face look bed of tan. So, always go for a bronzer that is close to your skin tone. Here are the best bronzers for fair skin you can list down.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzing powder
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzing powder

Here is the matte bronzer for enhancing your cheekbones by Benefit Cosmetics. It is a single color bronzer with a rose tint. Take the product on the brush and apply it to your cheeks, foreheads, and chin.

Make sure to dust off the excess powder. The product lets you have natural contour providing a year-round tan. It comes with cute packaging along with a brush for highlighting and contouring. 

Bobbi Brown bronzing powder
Bobbi Brown bronzing powder

The Bobbi Brown matte bronzer is a must on the list. This bronzer has great Golden light color and texture that smoothly blends in the skin. Worry not for your natural look with this bronzer.

The product has a balance of both red as well as brown tones making it shine and true to your skin tone. It does not break out at all or look patchy. It adds warmth to your face.

Laura Geller New York bronze and brighten compact
Laura Geller New York

The warm and light bronzer by Laura Geller is a hit around the year. Ensure having a natural glow all the time with this bronzer. As the name says, it brightens up the skins and provides a sun-kissed look.

The bronzer glides immediately to the skin, and there is no hint of orangeness in it. Do not forget to apply the bronze powder on your chin, nose, and forehead apart from the cheeks.

The product has silky smooth swirls that are baked on terracotta tiles and then hand finished in the fashion capital, Italy. 

NYX Professional Makeup powder
NYX Professional Makeup powder

Have a natural-looking glow always by wearing this bronzer. Yes, the product has very high pigmentation and just needs a light tap of powder. It comes with various color options according to skin tones.

Taupe is the best for fair skin people as it is not too dark or not orange. It is a matte powder with a silky smooth texture blending effortlessly onto the skin.

You can contour, highlight, and apply powder with this. 

NARS bronzing powder
NARS bronzing powder

The bronzing powder by NARS occupies a place in our list with its rich pigmentation and easy application. You have to take a bit of the powder and apply it to the most sun hit areas to have a natural glowing look. It is among the best bronzer for fair skin that ensures filling all the pores to provide smoother skin. It comes in Laguna color tone that suits best for fairer skin tones. There is a light shimmer that adds up to the glow. 

Smashbox bronze
Smashbox bronze

The sun-kissed matte bronzer by Smashbox is a hit among fairer skin tones. It is not too dark, not too orange or brown, providing the perfect natural people look for.

Also, it enhances your skin and offers a look that is not fake tan. The product comes with a glass screen protector for not destroying the bronzer if fallen down by mistake.

Perfect the look with the bronzer by simply dusting a bit on cheeks, foreheads, chin, and nose.

Two cosmetic bronzer
Two cosmetic bronzer

Here’s the all shimmery bronzing product for your lighter skin tone. The snow bunny color tone is just perfect undertone pink and not too orangey.

The delicate color and the shimmer adds up to the natural, lively glow to the face. It perfectly blends in the skin and doesn’t look cakey at all. The shimmer does not look shiny at all once applied.


Ensure you choose the product that is best for your skin. Along with bronzing powder, it is necessary to have the right brush for dusting and contouring.

The bronzers mentioned above do provide the best results, but again products differ from person to person skin. It is best to use it once and zero upon one.

Should fair skin tone people apply bronzer?

Taking a little amount and dusting on the face will add to the glamour. Yes, if taken in a wholesome amount, it might come as harsh to the skin. But applying bronzer on cheekbones and forehead does provide a natural sun-kissed look.

How do I get to choose the bronzer color for my skin?

As said, always go for a color one, two shades darker than your natural skin color. This would be the closest to providing natural glam. Also, ensure you understand the undertone of your skin, whether it is warm, cool or neutral. This will help in zeroing upon the best bronzer for fair skin people.

Do I need to bronze on my whole face?

It is not ideal to use bronzer on the whole face. Applying it would make your skin have a fake tan. Apply it only where the sun hits the face, such as cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin.  Use a correct bronzer brush to apply the same.

Which is better bronzer- matte or shimmer?

Well, both of them provide a different look. The matte bronzer enhances the skin tone with a natural effect. It does give a natural skin feel and look. With shimmer bronzer, the face can look shinier, adding up the glam. Make sure to use a subtle shimmer that does not overpower the bronzing effect.

Are bronzers available in different shades/colors?

Yes, the bronzer comes in a variety of shades depending on your skin tone – fair, medium, and dark. Choose the shade that is close to your natural skin color. If you choose too light, it will look a bit weird, and if you go for too dark, it will look like a fake tan. Ensure having different shade for your neck and face area for a more natural look.


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