Uncategorized6 Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring | Permanent Cure For Snoring!

6 Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring | Permanent Cure For Snoring!

Snoring is a condition when the air gets obstructed from moving freely through the throat and nose when sleeping. The snoring sound is produced when the obstructed air makes the surrounding tissues vibrated. Snoring is not something to worry about, and everyone snores at least once in a lifetime. It does not have any serious consequences, but it can slowly affect your health. Snoring disrupts sleep, and it can bring irritability and fatigue in a person.

Exercises to Stop Snoring

When throat tissues and muscles lose their voice, then snoring happens. Age is one of the factors that cause snoring as throat length narrows in old age. Sinus or nasal problems can also create snores. Certain changes in lifestyle and good bedtime routines can help in reducing it. Apart from this, throat and mouth exercises can also aid in decreasing snoring effect. Keeping palatal muscles fit will prevent this habit.

6 Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring

There are various devices in the market that promises to reduce snoring. But all these devices show effect for a short time and do not help in stopping it effectively. Getting devices all the time to stop snoring is not possible, but curing it by exercising throat muscles will help you a lot.

6 Types of Mouth Exercises

If you are willing to cure your snoring habit, then here are the Six mouth exercises to stop snoring.

  1. Pushing the cheeks

Clean your hands before starting the process. Take one of your fingers inside the opposite cheek. If you are taking the right-hand finger, then go for the left cheek. The opposite finger will add more pressure to your cheeks for better results. Then try pressing your finger on the cheek. Do not forget to apply enough pressure so that the cheek muscles get engaged. Apply this pressure for a few seconds and then repeat it for at least ten times. After repeating it, switch to the other cheek.

  1. Even the chewing process

Chewing work on the palate as well as on the jaws. People love to eat, but what they forget is to chew evenly on both sides of the teeth. In consequence, one side of the mouth becomes stronger while the other side gets prevented from this process. Working out on both sides of the mouth is necessary. So, while consuming food, always remember to chew on both sides of the mouth. Switch the food from time to time from one side to another. This will provide equal exercise to the sides of the mouth.

  1. The sliding of the tongue

Open your mouth and extend the tongue. Then rotate the tip of the tongue towards up. Make it in such a way that the tip of the tongue touches the palate or the roof of the mouth. Then slide it towards the through or back of the mouth. This curling and sliding method will improve the strength of the muscles situated at the base of the neck and throat.

  1. The tongue carpet

The tongue carpet name is given to this exercise because here, the tongue forms the carpet shape on the base of the mouth. Bring your tongue inside the bottom teeth. Then start pressing it downwards to the bottom of the mouth. Press the tongue towards the base, but stay connected with your bottom teeth. The pressure will apply to the mouth and jaw area, and this pressure will work as an exercise of mouth.

  1. The effect of ‘Ahhhh’

Slowly tilt your neck backward and then say ‘ahhhh’ like the way everyone says while opening mouth. Try saying it softly and comfortably. Push your tongue backward and press the palate upwards so that your mouth is open for the ahh effect. After regular practice, try not to make any sound while doing it. Repeat it 10 to 20 times a day.

  1. The pressure on the palate

The roof of the mouth or palate exercise greatly support in curing snores. Open your mouth and then pull your tongue upwards. Grip the tongue strongly so that it creates pressure on the palate. The suction pressure will increase when you apply the pressure of the tongue. Hold that pressure for few seconds then release it from the grip. Try doing it 10 to 20 times to see the desired result.

There are also several other ways that reduce snoring, and prevention is also possible in this case. Losing some amount of weight can decrease snoring. Changing mattress or sleeping position can help in removing the muscle stress during sleep. Smoking and drinking interfere in sleeping habits, which can lead to snoring.

Mouth exercises are an effective way of reducing snoring. Most of us want the instant effects of these exercises. It may delay in showing results, but it works completely. The permanent cure of snores depends on the practice of the person. If someone practices mouth exercises for a long time, then they may stop snoring.


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