Who is Agile? Volume 1

Yves Hanoulle, along with a great team (including Andrea Chiou, Marcin Floryan, and others), is the creator of a new book, titled “Who is Agile?“. The book is an insight into many leaders in the Agile community. This is not a book on agile practices, tools or techniques. Rather, the book is about the people and groups that are part of the Agile community, and offers a glimpse into the minds of many people that we might otherwise only get to know through their books, papers, tweets, conference appearances and blogs. The book includes many famous authors, but also includes many people who are less well known, but active in the community in other ways. I was honoured to be included by Yves.

Another thing that is interesting about the book is the way it is published through Leanpub. Early versions are available now, and you get free updates each time updates are published. You also get to name your own price, within the bounds of a specified lower limit. The lower limit gets higher as new content is added, so the earlier you decide to purchase, the better the deal you get.

The first volume includes interviews with Johanna Rothman, Mary Poppendieck, Esther Derby, Don Gray, Jerry Weinberg, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Gojko Adzic, JB Rainsberger, Linda Rising, Lyssa Adkins, Jean Tabaka, Alistair Cockburn, Oana Juncu, Bob Marshall, Vickie Gray, Lisa Crispin, Liz Keogh, Ralph Miarka, Yuval Yeret and many other very interesting and inspiring people. I’m enjoying reading it, and getting to know them a little better.

Yves and team are already working on Volume 2. Check them out on Leanpub, and on Yves’ Web site.

One Response to Who is Agile? Volume 1

  1. Hi Ken, I am reading it now; and will be inspired even further when volume 2 comes out with your interview!

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