ALE Ireland First Meetup in Galway February 2012

Claudio Perrone and I have been talking for a while about trying to arrange an Agile / Lean meetup in Galway. Claudio is Italian, living and working in Dublin, with a fondness for Galway having married a Galway girl. We had a small meetup in Dublin last September, but didn’t put a lot of effort into advertising that. Our friend Mike Sutton is also in Galway at the moment. Seems like fate is presenting us with a great opportunity to get together and talk about Agile, Lean and maybe some other things too. Claudio and Mike are very experienced agile and lean practitioners, as well as great coaches (and generally just great guys to meet up and chat with!). They both work internationally with lots of companies. I have gotten to know Claudio and Mike through various conferences and events that we have all been speaking at or involved in organizing. On a parallel conversation, I have also been talking with Colm O’hEocha, Frederic Oehl, and Alan Spencer about arranging a series of meetups in Dublin. Colm (based in Galway) and Frederic (living and working in Dublin too) will also be at next Monday’s meetup.

This is the first of what we hope will be a series of meetups. We decided to keep this first meetup pretty informal, so a pub/restaurant will work just fine. We had discussed holding it in a local company, or booking a venue, but let’s see if there’s much of an appetite first. If more than a few people turn up, and we want to do this on a regular basis, we can talk about how people want it to work.

What’s the Agenda?

There is no agenda for the meetup. Anything that comes under the umbrella of agile and lean is fair game for discussion. It does not matter if you are a veteran practitioner, a complete novice, or somewhere in between. It does not matter what role you play or job title you have. Bring ideas, questions, challenges, problems, suggestions, experiences, or just bring yourself. You might learn something from the conversation, or you might help someone else. You might discover something totally unexpected.

Claudio and I will prepare 1-page “Cheat Sheets” on a couple of topics to jump start some conversations. We can use these if we need some inspiration to get started. Feel free to do the same if you want to.

ALE Ireland

We will have this meetup under the umbrella of the Agile Lean Europe network – a network for collaboration of Agile & Lean thinkers and practitioners who are based in Europe. Last September’s ALE2011 Conference in Berlin was a great success, and the philosophy of sharing ALE Logo - Smallknowledge and bringing people together is appropriate. We’re interested in meeting like-minded people who are enthusiastic about improving their workplaces and lives through agile and lean thinking, and maybe changing the world along the way. We would like to see a community emerging where we can learn from each other and share experiences.

How do we know who else is coming?

We decided to forgo any sort of formality, including a registration system, for this meet up. If you are thinking about coming along, or just want to chat or introduce yourself, please log a comment below, or Tweet using the hashtag #aleireland so we have some idea who might show up. If you want to just show up on Monday, that’s fine too.

We hope to see you there!

Who’s in charge of this?

You are! I’m just sending out the invite. Others are free to send out invites too. This is my personal Blog, not a community Blog. There is no centralized ownership. This meetup, and any future meetups, will go in whatever direction decided by the people who show up.

Date and Time

Monday February 6th 2012, at 7:00 pm.


We’ll meet at the Dail Bar on Middle Street in Galway City. Here are directions courtesy of Google Maps, for those not familiar with it:

12 Responses to ALE Ireland First Meetup in Galway February 2012

  1. John Smyth says:

    I hope to make it there tonight,

  2. Great to see this happening lads.

    Sorry I can’t be there. Would love to attend in the future!

    • Ken Power says:

      Thanks Barry – We’re sorry you can’t be here too! Keep us posted on your world travels, and next time you’re in the area we’ll organize something. We’re also trying to organize meetups in Dublin, so that might be easier for you to get to.

  3. Mike Healy says:

    Cant make it this evening but please do keep me in the loop especially if there are follow up sessions.

  4. Ken, thank you so much for making it happen. It’s great to know that Mike is going to join us too. Let’s share and have fun!
    It reminds me of a mechanism that I tried last year while setting up a regular Coach Community of Practice for a client.

    We used to meet for an hour, once a week, with a flip chart (often on the floor, in a terrace outside, if the weather was good).
    Each/some of us would propose one or more topics and estimate how long it would take to discuss it. Typically it would be 5, 10, 15 minutes. Write them down, dot vote them and then… go! Strict time-boxes (eventually extendable upon popular request/interest). Each of us used to bring models, issues, experiences. I remember bringing/learning about dreyfus levels, delegation levels, time management, soft skills, hard skills, confrontational models, games, problem solving approaches, multi-tier kanbans, complexity theory, prisoner metrics, obstacles, breakthroughs…. ahhh I’m so looking forward to meet you all

    • Ken Power says:

      Thanks Claudio. I’m delighted you’re making the trip from Dublin. It will be great to see you here in Galway.

      I like the format you describe. Sounds like fun. Let’s bring our Pomodoro timers, just in case 🙂

  5. Shane Carney says:

    Sounds good Ken – thanks for organising

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