ALE Conference 2011 – Submit a Talk, Bring Your Family

The ALE Network, brainchild of Jurgen Appelo, is rapidly gaining momentum. What started as an idea has grown into a movement. Jurgen writes about The Birth of a Network over on his Blog.

The first ALE Conference will take place in Berlin from September 7th to 9th 2011. Olaf has written about how he got into ALE, and all about organizing the conference here and here.

The build-up is very exciting. Already there’s a great lineup of keynote speakers. The quality and content of the proposed talks promises to be very high, with a real diversity of input from across Europe. Plus, there’s an Open Space that Mike Sutton will facilitate – not to be missed!

Industry Sofa

I am part of the Industry Sofa (although Andrea Heck from Siemens is really the main Industry Sofa person, and does all the real work 🙂 ). See ‘Why Sofas?’ for more.

You can submit talks here until July 7th:

You can register to attend here:

Program for Spouse and Children

Just one of the many things that sets this conference apart is the inclusion of spouses and children in the program. There is a dedicated ‘Spouse and Kids’ organizing sofa, and there will be special activities organized to help them feel part of the conference. For those of us that go to a lot of conferences it’s great to have something that acknowledges the important contributions our families make. As far as I know this is the first conference to have such a theme.

3 Responses to ALE Conference 2011 – Submit a Talk, Bring Your Family

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  2. Olaf Lewitz says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Ken!
    Looking forward to see you soon in Berlin… And get to know your family:-)
    take care

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