Looking forward to Agile Coach Camp Norway 2011

It is important to take time out every now and then, away from the demands of the day job, to focus on developing your skills. Agile Coach Camps provide a great opportunity for practicing agile coaches to come together to share experiences, ideas and insights. In January 2011 Norway is hosting an Agile Coach Camp for the first time. This is an event for people involved in coaching, training, mentoring and leading agile organizations. The Web site has a list of people who are organizing and attending the event. I registered earlier today, and I’m very much looking forward to attending.

Event structure

The event structure will have two main parts – an agile coach dojo and an Open Space. The Agile Coaches Dojo concept was developed by Rachel Davies, and I first came across it at Agile 2010. Open Space is a powerful approach to hosting conferences and other events without a predefined agenda. I have both hosted and attended numerous Open Space events and really enjoy them.

Position Paper

As is common now with unconferences and Open Spaces, people must submit a position paper to register. For Agile Coach Camp Norway, the position paper consists of four questions:

  1. What is your superpower?
  2. What’s your experience coaching teams towards being agile?
  3. What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?
  4. How do you plan to contribute?

The set of position papers give a nice overview of who is attending and what they are interested in.

My Agile Coach Camp Position Paper

The conference Web site has the position papers for everyone attending. Here are my answers to the four questions.

What is your superpower?

I am good at seeing the otherwise invisible connections between things.

What’s your experience coaching teams towards being agile?

I have been working with agile methods (first XP, then Crystal, Scrum and others; more recently Kanban and Lean) since 1998/1999. In that time I have introduced agile to lots of teams and multiple companies. I currently work for Cisco as an internal coach, working with multiple teams and organizations.

What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference?

I am open to learning new techniques, practices and ideas that will help me on my journey of becoming a better coach. Specific topics that currently interest me, and I that I would like to explore, include:

  1. Coaching organizations – creating the right environment so our agile teams can thrive; helping the entire organization to become more agile;
  2. Stakeholder engagement and agile coaching – how to effectively engage with broad communities of stakeholders
  3. Coaching from a distance – working with distributed and dispersed teams;
  4. Creating coaching circles, coaching dojos and other learning environments within an organization

How do you plan to contribute?

I plan to propose a session from the ones I listed above, and fully participate in as many other sessions as possible. Also happy to help in any other way that’s needed.

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